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Original / Refuebished 3DSXL 3DSLL handheld game console free games zalda super smash bros 3dsxl Carry 32/64 / 128GB

Original / Refuebished 3DSXL 3DSLL handheld game console free games zalda super smash bros 3dsxl Carry 32/64 / 128GB

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Brand Name: ZUIDID

Supporting Language: FRENCH

Supporting Language: Spanish

Supporting Language: Portuguese

Supporting Language: English

Category: Handheld Game Players

Games included: 10

Origin: JP(Origin)

Screen Resolution: 800x480

Display Size: 4.8

Games Type: 3D

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes

Shopping notes

About Models

This game console is the first generation of the original Nintendo handheld game console.

Model: 3DSXL/3DSLL

Since the original version has been discontinued for many years, all game consoles in our store are second-hand products.

We will carefully test the product functions to ensure the best quality before delivery. Please feel free to use.

*The product comes in multiple colors, which are randomly sent and cannot be selected!

About product appearance

Some parts of our products have been renovated with new joystick, touch screen, shell, etc., and all internal parts have been thoroughly cleaned to make them more novel. Some machines still maintain their original appearance. Each machine looks about 90% new. Although there are scratches, the quality is better

*The above two types will be delivered randomly.

About Language

The default system language is English.

At present, Nintendo still provides free online services for 3DS to play online games with all players around the world. This machine is a cracked version, and buyers can download the game by themselves.

About games

1. According to the different memory options selected by the buyer, each machine will be installed with different games.

2. Due to different languages, we can only install the English version of the game. Scroll down the product page to view the specific game list.(Warm prompt: each memory card can only be used on one game machine! If you need to replace another new memory card, please refresh the machine and re-import the game! The seller is not responsible for the system problems caused by the buyer who replaces the memory card by himself! Please know!)

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