These People Had To Face Laughable Consequences Because They Forgot Something


Although our brain has the ability to store about 2.5 million gigabytes of memory, there are times when we tend to forget a few things. We usually forget memories that are similar to each other (feeding the dog for instance), to remember the important or more interesting ones better. We have compiled a hilarious collection of people who forgot something and then had to face awful yet hilarious consequences. So, sit back and enjoy it.

Feed Me, Slave

“Where the hell do you think you are going hooman? Do you really think I have to work for my food? Bend down and get ready for some scratches.”

Feed Me, Slave


Well, this slave human was late for work and forgot to feed her master. Just look at the wrath in the King’s eyes.

“You’re Nothing To Me Now”

This is the look of betrayal on the doggo’s face that perfectly sums up the situation.

"You're Nothing To Me Now"


The owner worked at a dog daycare and she often used to bring her dog to work. One day she got off from work and left without her doggo because she was so hungry. The manager sent her a photo 10 minutes later saying, “you forgot something.” It seems like the doggo would never forget about it.

A Disturbing But Great Photo

This person forgot to reposition the camera before taking a jump picture and now it looks like they hung themselves.

A Disturbing But Great Photo


We understand that it was an honest mistake, but who jumps with their arms down like that.

“What The Hell Is This Rachel?”

These cat parents forgot to tell their fur baby that they had a baby and when they came back to the home with their baby, the shocked face of the cat tells everything.

"What The Hell Is This Rachel?"


But the cat had nothing to worry as she soon realized that it was just another slave for her.

“Good Samaritans Still Exist”

The person who took this photo went to Wendy’s and realized that he had forgotten his wallet at the window.

"Good Samaritans Still Exist"


But there was nothing to worry about as Rafael paid out of his own pocket for him. When he thanked Rafael for this act of kindness, he said, “Good Samaritans still exist.” You’re absolutely right Rafael, you beautiful soul!

Forkin’ Genius

This man’s girlfriend forgot her razor, but not the refills. So, he did what was needed to be done.

Forkin' Genius


We have to give “A+” to this man for his creativity and we believe that he should be given the award of Best Boyfriend Ever (in short BBE Award).

He’s Using “Air Horn”

When this young man forgot one most important thing before joining the parade, he had to improvise and he did it wonderfully.

He's Using "Air Horn"


He knew that if he acts natural, no one will notice he forgot to bring the horn.

It Works With Humans As Well

This man was running late for work and couldn’t find the leash of his dog. So, this is how he walked his dog that morning.

It Works With Humans As Well


It is quite quick thinking. For kids, a phone usually does the same job.

Cutest Badge of Shame of All Time

This person forgot his work badge at home and had to wear this cute badge of shame all day at work.

Cutest Badge of Shame of All Time


This is actually sweet but we feel bad for the doggo as he’ll never get out of the cone if people keep forgetting their badges.

Tip #1 On How To Become Single Again

So this guy was so drunk during the Brazilian Carnival that he started kissing another girl and completely forgot his girlfriend (sorry ex-girlfriend) was on his shoulders.

Tip #1 On How To Become Single Again


His ex-girlfriend must have given him some crazy death flip after seeing it. If only we could see what happened next.

It’s Just A Halloween Decoration

This person was walking around his neighborhood and noticed that someone forgot their Halloween decoration.

It's Just A Halloween Decoration


But we have a question: Is that really Halloween decoration? Hopefully, that’s really it.

The Best Version of Time Capsule Ever

This person’s grandpa hung his skates on a small tree when he was younger. He forgot he had left them there and this is how they found them years later.

The Best Version of Time Capsule Ever


We have to admit that at first we thought of it as some killer tree that cuts down people. We need to stop watching slasher films.

Pirates Need Dentists

If you have watched Pirates of the Caribbean, you must’ve noticed that pirates have really bad teeth.

Pirates Need Dentists


This man forgot that he had a dentist’s appointment and didn’t have enough time to change. Everyone there must’ve thought that there was a crazy man in the waiting room.

It All Turned Out For The Best

So this person went to a mini-vacation and forgot to change the kitty litter. She came back home and was brushing her teeth when she heard a little tinkle.

It All Turned Out For The Best


Most people with cats must be thinking now that they wish their cats were as considerate as this fur baby.

“Hey, This Toilet is Occupied”

So the employee forgot to close the bathroom window and this is what flew in during night time.

“Hey, This Toilet is Occupied”


This baby hawk is like, “excuse me, can’t a hawk take a dump in peace.”

Not The Right T-Shirt To Wear

When this person’s wife told him, “we’re taking our son to an epic playground,” he knew what shirt to wear so he’d look cool.

Not The Right T-Shirt To Wear


Well, it all turned upside down when she drove them all to the church. Guess he completely forgot the part where she said the epic playground was a church.

Easter Bunny – Picasso Edition

This person forgot to take the chocolate Easter bunny out of the car and it is a complete mess.

Easter Bunny - Picasso Edition


Just look at the face of this chocolate Easter bunny, it clearly shows that he is regretting every life decision he has made.

How To Make Molten Lava

This person was making caramel at work. She got busy doing other things and forgot about the caramel. Thankfully, it was just a little overcooked.

How To Make Molten Lava


By the way, if you are finding the recipe for how to make lava at home, you should contact this person.

“French, French, French”

If someone asks you that if you know how to speak French, then say “yes” and if he asks you a question in French, start saying, “French, French, French.”

"French, French, French"


Well, that’s what this sleeping bag manufacturer did as they forgot to fill in the French translation. So, do you speak French?

Shut The Front Door

Okay, so this person made a simple mistake before going to bed. He forgot bug spray and this is what happened.

Shut The Front Door


But we have a simple question: Was he sleeping in swamps? How could it all happen? And it means now he will turn into a bug, right?

That’s “Ferry” Unfortunate

Guess what they forgot to do? Well, they forgot to do one most important thing: putting the drain plugs in.

That's "Ferry" Unfortunate


Looking at it gives us a sinking feeling and one can imagine what they must be going through at that time.

Oh! There It Is

This kid forgot his lollipop and sometimes all you need is a hint to remember the thing you forgot.

Oh! There It Is


He’s so cute and please just look at his expressions when he finds the lollipop. This is what we do when we find the money somewhere in the house.

Just Missed One Tiny Detail

This dad explained to his kid how to make snow angels, but there was one little problem: he forgot one detail that matter the most.

Just Missed One Tiny Detail


It is like teaching how to jump off a plane and forgetting to teach about how to open a parachute (it is not exactly like it is in the kid’s case but you got the point).

The Hero We Deserve

This man found Batman glasses and forgot them in his grandpa’s car. The next day, the grandpa sent him this picture.

The Hero We Deserve


We have to say that everyone might think it is so sweet and funny, but the grandpa revealed his true identity.

“Excuse Me, Can I Get A Glass of Milk”

So a Guernsey woman forgot to lock a door and found this cutie inside. Isn’t he adorable? This is cuteness overload and we can’t get enough of it.

"Excuse Me, Can I Get A Glass of Milk"


And would you just look at those big beautiful eyes? Captivating stuff!

Don’t Forget Stuff

This person brought home potatoes, placed them in the cupboard and forgot they even existed.

Don't Forget Stuff


So, this is what she found days later. Maybe she might forget them again and end up with vodka.

Did Somebody Step on a Smurf?

Although it looks like someone stepped on a Smurf and smashed it, the reality is that this person forgot proper attire and had to go for an alternative.

Did Somebody Step on a Smurf?


We have to admit that this is quite a ‘hands-on’ alternative.

Look At The Bright Side of It

This person forgot about the wine in the freezer, but why did we say that look at the bright side of it.

Look At The Bright Side of It


Well, it was a blessing in disguise as now this person won’t need the corkscrew to open the wine.

Honey, No Need To Find That Spoon Now

The wife couldn’t figure out where the spoon went, but the mystery was solved within no time.

Honey, No Need To Find That Spoon Now


We can’t even imagine biting into that. Well, lessons were learned that day.

Luggage For A Long Vacation

This person’s neighbors planned a long weekend away, but this is what he found.

Luggage For A Long Vacation


It looks like they forgot the bag in a hurry. We just hope this bag didn’t have anything really important in there.

So This Is Where Heder Goes

We should as the guy for “xssdds,” there is a high possibility that only he has a clue.

So This Is Where Heder Goes


We are amazed at how this error happened because there is the editor or publisher who normally notices mistakes as big as this one.

If It’s Warm, I’ll Sit On It

This person ordered pizza in hopes of eating it while watching a movie. She made one big mistake: she forgot to close the lid.

If It's Warm, I'll Sit On It


As cats love to sit in warm places, she made the best of the opportunity and sat on the pizza. The cat workouts a lot to stay in shape and that’s why she didn’t eat it.

No Chocolate in a Chocolate Bar

Dear chocolate factory people, you forgot to put on the “reason” why he bought this chocolate bar.

No Chocolate in a Chocolate Bar


This naked Snickers doesn’t tempt us and we hope no one says they would love it.

An Uncomfortable Exam

The professor forgot the key to the room the midterm was going to held in and this is how the poor students had to give the exam.

An Uncomfortable Exam


Is it just we or your back is also hurting by just looking at it. Maybe we are getting old.

Another Feather in Her Cap

The young girl forgot she had a final to write during the Communities Annual Pow Wow. She had no time to go back and change.

Another Feather in Her Cap


So, she drove over to the school in her regalia and wrote her exam. She graduated high school next Friday.

Seems Legit

So this guy got pulled over and he forgot he had this license in his wallet that was covering his real license.

Seems Legit

Although it has all the information needed from hair covering the entire body to expiration, the policeman was not amused.

An Honest Mistake?

It seems like someone forgot that MRIs are giant magnets. That someone needs to work on his/her knowledge.

An Honest Mistake?

Fortunately, no one got injured there because it is a dangerous thing to forget.

“The Sh*t I Have To Put Up With”

This person washed the dog’s bed and forgot to lay it back down. The dog slept in the laundry box and was pissed all morning.

"The Sh*t I Have To Put Up With"


If it had been a cat, she would’ve loved it because they sleep everywhere except for their expensive bed.

That’s Cool

This person forgot to charge her arm and had to do it at the cellphone charge area at the airport.

That's Cool


After seeing it, we thought if only people could do this with their brains.

Disappointed Doggo

This person forgot to feed their beloved doggo in the morning. The wife had to send this photo to him to make him feel bad.

Disappointed Doggo


The doggo is disappointed with the betrayal of his friend and will forget it in like 5 seconds.

“Do You Have It In Green?”

This person occasionally forgets his employee is colorblind. It is okay to forget, right?

"Do You Have It In Green?"


But what he does is that he asks his employee to price out new inventory. By the way, what color do you see?

Instant Ketchup

So a semi driver forgot to shut the back door on his load of tomatoes and this happened.

Instant Ketchup


So in a way, this was healthy roadkill, right? Well, at least there is free ketchup for everyone.

But How? Tell Us How?

It is like you meet a beautiful girl and you tell her to call you and she says “yes” and then you forget to give her your number. How on earth she is going to call you.

But How? Tell Us How?


These “experienced” attorneys forgot to put the most important thing there and then they expect us to call them.

Is It Spider Truck?

The truck driver forgot to uncouple the container on his trailer and this happened.

Is It Spider Truck?


We wonder if he is sitting there, cursing the guts out. He learned a valuable lesson in a dangerous way.

Classic Boyfriend

So according to the boyfriend, his girlfriend forgot to get rid of her “gross” shower hair and he decided to make some art.

Classic Boyfriend


It is good, but we have a question: if it is so Gross, why did you use your hands to make some art?

They Watch and Look For a Perfect Opportunity

Kids are becoming smarter than ever and they have learned when to hunt and scavenge.

They Watch and Look For a Perfect Opportunity


This kid was waiting for the perfect opportunity and it arrived when the mommy went to take a shower and forgot to put up the baby gate. Nevertheless, it is pretty impressive.

Best Before and After Pic

This warrior went out there with full of confidence, but he forgot one important thing: sunscreen.

Best Before and After Pic


Perhaps his note to himself was that body paint works as a sunscreen.

Guardian of The Bathroom Door

This person wanted to go to the toilet and do his business in peace. He made one mistake: forgot to lock the door.

Guardian of The Bathroom Door


The doggo barged in and when he noticed that his friend was doing business, instead of going outside he decided to guard the door.

He Went Bananas

So this person got a new photo and found a photo which the previous owner forgot to delete.

He Went Bananas


Hence, this photo created the idiom “going bananas.” You learn a new thing every day.

He Doesn’t Sound Bad

This adorable kid forgot the only musical instrument needed and had to play it in the air for everyone.

He Doesn't Sound Bad


We feel a little bad for him but then a kid in us starts laughing. We are sorry, but we can’t help it.

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