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Original PSP 1000 2000 psp 3000 game console 32GB memory card includes free games, pre installed games, and ready to play

Original PSP 1000 2000 psp 3000 game console 32GB memory card includes free games, pre installed games, and ready to play

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Brand Name: JIMITU

Supporting Language: japanese

Supporting Language: FRENCH

Supporting Language: german

Supporting Language: Spanish

Supporting Language: Portuguese

Supporting Language: Russian

Supporting Language: English

Supporting Language: KOREAN

Supporting Language: DUTCH

Supporting Language: Simplified Chinese

Supporting Language: Traditional Chinese Style

Category: Handheld Game Players

Games included: 30

Origin: Mainland China

Screen Resolution: 480x272

Display Size: 4.3"

Games Type: 2d

Shopping Notes

The console model sold on this link is P S P1000/P S P2000/P S P3000, and we will ship according to the option model you choose. (The colors are randomly sent, please note!)

1. The controllers we sell are second-hand, with usage marks, scratches, inevitable collisions on the appearance, and possible signs of yellowing on the screen. The overall appearance is approximately 80% -90%. If you mind, please don't buy! Thank you.

2. The system language defaults to English. You can also set other languages yourself. The PSP can use 12 system languages (excluding Russian), including the following language options: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch language, Portuguese, Filipino language, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.

3. Currently, the machine has been unlocked. Regarding its functionality, UMD will not be tested during shipment and cannot guarantee its availability. Please note!

4. Please use a 5V 1A low-power charger to charge the console.

5. Each machine will install different games based on the different memory options chosen by the buyer. The game is free and available in multiple languages. It is randomly sent (English, Japanese, Chinese, etc.), and we cannot specify the language version of the game. If prompted to upgrade the system version in the game, please ignore it. Otherwise, upgrading the system will result in cracking failure. We cannot remotely solve such problems, please be careful!

6. Reminder: Each storage card can only be used on one gaming console! The seller is not responsible for any system issues caused by the buyer's self replacement of the storage card! Please note

7. The battery cover of the product is often missing during procurement, so we will replace it with a new one. Some colors may have color differences, please be aware! If you mind, please do not purchase!

PSP3000 has the following multiple colors, which are randomly sent and cannot be specified!

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