Employees Reveal the Most Bizarre Things They’ve Experienced on the Job


It’s no secret that customers can cause quite the raucous. Any gig that involves interacting with people guarantees some wild stories, whether it’s a job as a casino worker, a theme park staff, or a flight attendant. But still, nothing could have prepared us for these crazy anecdotes shared by real-life employees. Let’s just say these people have seen things. So buckle up because it’s about to be one very bumpy ride.

This Passenger Who Treated the Flight Attendant Like a Literal Trash Bin

Getting famous people on a flight must be exciting. But getting people who act like divas even though they’re not close to being famous is certainly not. This flight attendant had one customer who demanded that she get her drinks immediately upon request and got upset when that didn’t happen. After she had her drink, this woman threw her empty cup at her flight attendant. This kind of behavior seems absurd, but that is until you find out that she was an important person.

This Passenger Who Treated the Flight Attendant Like a Literal Trash Bin

Instagram via infinitavictoria

As the flight attendant retells the experience, “She said, ‘You have no idea who I am.’ So my partner and I were like, ‘Who are you?'” Her response? “I’m a dancer.”

A Corpse at the Slot Machines

Casinos can be fun and full of life, but they can also be the total opposite, as this casino employee revealed. “One time, a man died at a slot machine where I work and nobody noticed for hours. He was blue and cold when the medics got there from downstairs,” the worker described. That’s heartbreaking, but, looking at the glass half full, at least he was doing what he loved until the very end. 

A Corpse at the Slot Machines

Instagram via eclipse_gaming_systems

We hope that this man is now in heaven enjoying the slot machines for eternity or will soon be reborn to start playing again in twenty or so years. 

The Strangest Things Happen at Casino Restaurants

According to one employee, casino workers have come to expect customers to go into the restaurant expecting free food because “they blew their whole paycheck.” However, they don’t stop there. Casino players will also even steal random things from the dining hall and their tables “because they felt entitled to it since they spend so much money at the casino.” We have to wonder what these people expect. Do these customers really believe that some forks and napkins are going to let them break even? 

The Strangest Things Happen at Casino Restaurants

Instagram via blineek

Like, if we just spent a nice chunk of change on the slot machines, you best believe that we would be walking out with a whole roast, not salt shakers. 

Please Leave Your Oddities at Check-In

And just when we thought things couldn’t get wilder, one flight attendant shared a story about a passenger who didn’t keep his foot fetish under control. The flight attendant first noticed two older ladies sitting on her flight; every single time she walked by these women, they appeared extremely uncomfortable, but they didn’t say anything. Eventually, the flight attendant and her co-workers had to investigate. Apparently, a man underneath their seats was kissing and tickling these women’s feet during the entire flight. The women were mortified and too embarrassed to say anything. 

Please Leave Your Oddities at Check-In

Instagram via pastor_rebeccaaleman

The man’s excuse was that “he didn’t know he couldn’t do that.” Thankfully the airport authorities arrested him once they landed. Yikes!

Leave a Tip… Or Else

It’s not always the customers who cause trouble; sometimes, it’s the employee. Take this casino employee who knew a cocktail waitress’s dirty little secret. The waitress had been working at that casino for 30 years, and apparently, “Whenever a player treated her badly and left a little or no tip, she’d put Visine in their drink.” While this is probably illegal, it is also a very scary and stern reminder to tip your waiters and waitresses… or else.

Leave a Tip... Or Else

As anyone in the service industry can attest to, not receiving a tip is no fun. However, this woman’s revenge on those non-tippers seems to be a bit aggressive. 

Urgent Clean up Needed in the Amusement Park’s Pirate Boat

Everyone knows the swinging boat ride at most amusement parks. You go back and forth in a large ship, and then you get off; it seems pretty basic. But what happens when the ride malfunctions and won’t stop swining? One amusement park employee found out. The ride attendant said, “I hit the emergency stop button, but the ride isn’t stopping.” Unfortunately, the people did not react well and proceeded to get sick on their fellow passengers, causing a chain reaction. 

Urgent Clean up Needed in the Amusement Park's Pirate Boat

Instagram via b.satarupa

It took many minutes before the park’s workers were able to stop the ride full of sick-covered park attendees. The worker learned his lesson and finished his job, and never returned. 

Those Kids Were Not Expecting That Large of an Inheritance

The moral of this next story, told by a casino employee, is to treat every day like your last. “I saw a man come in on his 50th birthday with his kids… and [won] a 50K jackpot, and had a heart attack and died.” Such a rollercoaster ride of insanity and, without a doubt, a horrifying experience for the family, but at least everyone is unexpectedly richer because of it. 

Those Kids Were Not Expecting That Large of an Inheritance

Instagram via coushattacasino

Dark humor aside, we feel bad for this man’s family. The birthday celebrations certainly didn’t go as expected.

A Child Was Left Tied to a Pole Like a Dog

The leashes that people see attached to children at packed amusement parks and busy malls seem a bit odd, but most people understand the logic behind them: it guarantees you won’t lose your child. But it seems that sometimes, the parents who use these need a reminder that their kids aren’t actually pets. One ride operator at an amusement park saw a family whose child was attached by a leash attempt to board a ride before being informed their son was too short. They proceeded to tie him to a pole so they could participate in the park’s rides. 

A Child Was Left Tied to a Pole Like a Dog

Nearly an hour later, security came to collect the child from the pole. When the parents eventually went searching for him, they discovered they had a court date with social services. 

When a Celebrity Saved the Flight Attendant

During a routine flight, one plane passenger began speaking to herself, and the flight attendant approached. As the flight attendant tells the story, things then get crazy. “When I said, ‘Ma’am?’ she began screaming at the top of her lungs, ‘YOU’RE EVIL!’ and started beating me with her pillow.” In their attempts to calm her down, they believed they would have to turn the plane around. However, the story doesn’t end there. 

When a Celebrity Saved the Flight Attendant

officialmariabello via Instagram

As the flight attendant tells it, “from the rear of the plane comes actress Maria Bello. From ER. She begins reciting the Lord’s Prayer over and over until the woman calmed down.”

Things Got R-Rated at SeaWorld’s Summer Camp

A camp counselor at SeaWorld had quite the experience. She spent her summer as a counselor for several second and third graders and decided it would be an epic experience for her students to meet the park’s dolphin exhibit. As the camp counselor tells it, “Just so happens that at that time there was a dolphin orgy. Just 30 dolphins in one big ball, going at it.” What an educational experience.

Things Got R-Rated at SeaWorld's Summer Camp

Instagram via strawberryseahorses

We have to wonder what the children told their parents or what the camp counselor told them. ‘Sorry, parents, I accidentally subjugated your child to a dolphin orgy during camp.’

Bathroom Graffiti With a Touch of Human Feces

Brace yourself for another amusement park horror story. But this time, it has nothing to do with the rides and everything to do with one very disgusting customer. One park employee recalled the time he got a call to go check out the men’s bathroom; he would never be the same after what he witnessed. Since it is his story, we will just let him tell you what he discovered: “Inside was what looked like a caveman painting of horses and arrows, but drawn in human feces. It was everywhere, literally everywhere.”

Bathroom Graffiti With a Touch of Human Feces

Instagram via kvtecarter

The worker wisely decided to leave the mess for someone else. Or has he eloquently put it, “[I was] not touching that literal sh*t Picasso that was going on in there.”

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Mix Sleeping Pills With Alcohol

This flight attendant’s experience serves as a warning to hold off on mixing your medicine with alcohol. In their story, “A guy ran to the back of the plane and yelled, ‘Where are we?’ He was clearly drunk, and I tell him we’re on the airplane, that we just left Dallas.” This person’s confusion serves as a warning to all of us not to mix, especially when boarding an airplane.

This Is Why You Shouldn't Mix Sleeping Pills With Alcohol

Instagram via 1uke_elliott

The flight attendant had to explain that he was in the right place since you couldn’t board a plane without a boarding pass, and here he discovered the man had taken Ambien. 

Gamblers Who Rather Poop Themselves Than Lose a Seat

No situations inspire awe and shock as much as this casino employee’s “pooping incident.” One of the customers gambling at the casino had an accident in his pants, but rather than calling it a night, he “went to our employee wardrobe and asked for an extra pair of uniform pants, and the player just continued on with their gambling.” We wonder what the gambler would have attempted if there weren’t pants available.

Gamblers Who Rather Poop Themselves Than Lose a Seat

Instagram via masha.blazhevich

At least this reassures us that casinos always have an extra pair of pants and that those in customer service should always expect the unexpected when they are on the job. 

When a Height Dispute Ended in a Knife Fight

This theme park worker’s interaction with an upset parent is next level. Apparently, the worker would not ket a kid on a ride because of the height requirement, which upset the parent. However, the story doesn’t end there. Instead, “the family comes up later, and the father, who was noticeably drunk, jumps two gates and over the tracks to threaten me with a knife. I called security, and he ran.” 

When a Height Dispute Ended in a Knife Fight

Instagram via mhiclochlainn

Knife fights seem to be something that should remain in dark back alleyways and at the bars. What was the parent even hoping to accomplish here with his attempted stabbing? 

Security Had to Step in to Save Their Lives

We have all had to go through fire drills in school, and we all learned that it is in your best interest to flee. However, sometimes there are things that are just more important, like your poker game. As was exemplified by this casino employee who said, “Fire Alarm? Everybody exiting the building? Na. 10-15% of the players won’t leave the machines until grabbed by security.” Some people don’t have a survival instinct. 

Security Had to Step in to Save Their Lives

Instagram via vilmaviitasalo

We could possibly understand this if you are winning big against the house. However, who are you going to collect your winnings from if the house has burned down around you? 

Even at 36,000 Feet, We’re Not Safe From the Zombies

Brace yourself for this creepy fact that an airline employee has shared: “Almost every commercial flight you ride on has a dead body on board.” Likely, or at least we hope, they mean that there are usually dead bodies in the cargo hold and not a disguised corpse sitting in Economy. Logically this makes perfect sense. After all, how else are people supposed to get bodies across the country to be buried? However, we are still scared. 

Even at 36,000 Feet, We're Not Safe From the Zombies


Hear us out: if the zombies eventually rise, then we just don’t want to be stuck at 36,000 feet up in the air with them in a sealed metal tube. 

Gyms Only Make Money Thanks to Unused Memberships

On every single new year, the citizens of the world make certain promises to themselves. Most of these promises result in a massive influx of new members to various gyms across the world. However, instead of being frustrated with your gym suddenly becoming crowded for one month, there is an upside. According to a former gym employee, “we only can make money because 70% of our members never use their memberships.” 

Gyms Only Make Money Thanks to Unused Memberships

Instagram via gunsnpeachesuk

While the gyms will be empty again by February, you can rest assured that your gym will remain open even though you are the only person there every morning. 

Stay Far From the Ride or Get Beheaded

One would think that beheadings are a rare occurrence these days, especially at theme parks. Apparently not at this amusement park where a worker shares this story. Someone lost their hat over a fence, and they went to go fetch it. While he was over the fence, he “Quite literally had his head kicked off by a lady on the ride as it went by, which also shattered her leg.” 

Stay Far From the Ride or Get Beheaded

Instagram via emotional_rollercoasters

Honestly, we are speechless. We guess the moral of this story is to not climb any fences that are up at your local theme park unless you want to be beheaded. 

Ultimate Slot Machine Commitment: Wearing a Diaper

Remember the person we mentioned earlier who pooped his pants while gambling? Well, he’s not the only one. One casino employee said that “grown adults will wear diapers and poop and pee themselves because they don’t want to give up their slot machines.” This dedication to the art of gambling is staggering and also, apparently, stinky. Also, who knew that there was such a niche market for the diaper industry.

Ultimate Slot Machine Commitment: Wearing a Diaper

Instagram via dl.teenboy

Imagine a whole diaper supplier whose entire market is just everyday casino attendees, not the elderly or the children. It also makes us wonder how the casinos are combating that smell. 

The Customer Service Secret They Don’t Tell Us

Do you know those customer service chat boxes you can use for help? Well, things are not as they seem. One agent revealed that “customer service text chat can see what you’re typing in the box before you hit send.” This is highly alarming to anyone who temporarily lets out their frustrations in that tiny box when your problem isn’t getting fixed or anyone who has accidentally started typing the wrong thing before quickly realizing and deleting it. 

The Customer Service Secret They Don't Tell Us

Instagram via sirflauschecore

Yes, they read everything you typed. Not just what you sent. This has suddenly made our relationship with Stacy from Customer Service extremely awkward, and we’ve got some things to explain. 

Insulin Injections Were His “lucky Charm”

It’s important to take your medicine, even when enjoying a night on the town, just like the man in this casino story. Okay, so maybe he’s not a good example of adequately consuming medications. “I’ve seen a man inject himself in the leg with insulin and then leave the syringe sticking out of his leg for an hour because he had won a jackpot when he injected himself, so therefore it must be a lucky charm,” shared a casino employee.

Insulin Injections Were His "lucky Charm"

Instagram via breonnaeyler

One would imagine that a needle sticking out of your leg would be distracting from the game even if it’s the man’s “lucky charm.” We’ll take a rabbit’s foot instead. 

Horses on a Plane Are More Common Than We Think

Apparently, on some flights, there are stables in the back of the plane to transport livestock, like horses. Fortunately, if the animals start freaking out, there is someone who’ll tranquilize them. Well, that’s the plan, but sometimes the plan goes wrong. In this story, the tranquilizers didn’t work, and “The horse started [to] freak out and… it kicked the handler in the head.” Sounds like a bad day for everyone. 

Horses on a Plane Are More Common Than We Think

Instagram via charlieminitherapyhorse

It was later discovered “that the passengers seated in the front of the plane could hear a horse scrambling about.” Makes us wonder what the passengers thought was happening in the back. 

Even Amusement Parks Aren’t Immune to Conspiracy Theories

Okay, this is one wild ride of a story, so please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times. This theme park employee had to press the emergency stop button on a roller coaster just as it was getting to the good part. Why? Because a naked man had climbed the fence and was trying to climb onto the roller coaster’s tracks. But that’s not even the wildest part of the story. As the park employee tried to calm the roller coaster passengers and assure them everything was alright, they just needed to get ahold of the naked man, one of the riders revealed what they believed had actually happened. 

Even Amusement Parks Aren't Immune to Conspiracy Theories

“He climbs over another guest, faces the train, and calmly announces that this entire thing — the half-naked man, security, the police — all of it was just a cover-up for the fact that the ride had malfunctioned and that they were all going to die.” Needless to say, everyone wanted off the ride after that.

Flight Attendant Finds Passenger Fighting With a Potato

Being a flight attendant exposes you to people from all over the world. Naturally, weird things sometimes happen, like when one flight attendant got concerned when she heard a woman in the back of the plane yelling. She went over to see what was up and soon discovered that the woman was engaged in a heated exchange with a potato. To help her feel at ease, the flight attendant decided to join in. 

Flight Attendant Finds Passenger Fighting With a Potato

The worker stabbed the potato with the fork and said, ‘Very bad potato! Naughty potato!'” We hope that this worked and the potato learned who the boss was, and the passenger could eat in peace. 

These Roller Coaster Riders Weren’t Smiling by the End

Roller coasters are quite the thrill on their own; throw in some technical difficulties, and things just get way too scary. A former ride attendant tells a story where “the generator of a particularly wicked roller coaster of a cyclonic nature blew, and we had to literally pull people back into the station with a rope tied to the car.” Unfortunately, according to the employee, the park never fixed the ride and simply covered up what issue with a temporary fix. It would seem that this is just a recipe for disaster waiting to happen. 

These Roller Coaster Riders Weren't Smiling by the End

Instagram via nvele818

It grew even more concerning when they said that “the ride [would] go into emergency shutdown mode at random times,” but they’d just turned it off and on again. 

The Flights Coming Out of Florida Must Be Absolutely Insane

The plane passengers that come out of Florida are of a different breed. A flight attendant tells a story where during one flight, she saw both a “sweet little old man who was electric razoring his face” and later on, “a lady pooed herself.” While the old man’s motivations were understandable, the person who pooed themselves “decided to wash her underwear in the bathroom sink,” resulting in clogging the sink. 

The Flights Coming Out of Florida Must Be Absolutely Insane

They had to shut down the entire bathroom because of this woman’s antics. Next time you fly out of Florida, just watch out for anything that might be newsworthy. 

When Fraternity Brothers Act Like They Own the Plane

Back to some more airplane drama, this flight attendant tells a story about four male passengers, most likely drunk, who boarded a plane. As the flight attendant puts it, two “of the men head to the restroom, come back shirtless wearing just the PJ bottoms, and sat back in their seats to continue boozing.” They were forced to call in the captain since the young men wouldn’t listen to attendants telling them to please put shirts on. The captain proceeded to “tear them a new one.” 

When Fraternity Brothers Act Like They Own the Plane

It is safe to say that the flight attendants were very pleased. The boys, however, had a rough start to their vacation.

This Is so Much Better Than Leaving a Resignation Letter

Flight attendants have it rough. We can’t blame them for quitting, especially when they do it in style like this person. This flight attendant quit while they were still on the plane. How that went is best told in that flight attendant’s co-worker’s own words, “So [she] actually activated the emergency slide, threw her bag out the plane then made a swift exit!” She has what we call style. 

This Is so Much Better Than Leaving a Resignation Letter

Since this has happened before in 2010, maybe there is a trend starting here, and we completely approve of this manner of quitting. Just slide your way into your new life. 

A Tragic Emergency in the Lazy River

Casinos, planes, and amusement parks aren’t the only places filled with troublesome stories; it turns out water parks are, too! A waterpark employee was on the job one day when she noticed some legs coming out of a tube in the Lazy River waterpark ride, with the rest of the body stuck underwater. Naturally, this employee began to freak out and proceeded to poop their pants before running to help. Who knew that the water park could get so exciting? 

A Tragic Emergency in the Lazy River

Instagram via amybeaulieu.magicvacations

It turned out that it was not a person in the lazy river but a dummy who got stuck.

Taco Bell Employee Reveals Secret Ingredient

Taking a step into the fast food industry, we got a little gem from a former Taco Bell employee. Sure, their tacos might be delicious, but according to this insider, the chain’s meat “comes in big plastic bags labeled ‘suitable for human consumption.'” This revelation makes Taco Bell sound unappealing and also makes us wonder who was behind the marketing behind that labeling decision. What does “suitable for human consumption” even entail or mean? If it’s suitable, then is it also advisable, or are we taking a chance every time we bite into those delicious tacos? 

Taco Bell Employee Reveals Secret Ingredient

Instagram via glamurybella

Either way, since none of these questions are likely to be answered, we think that we will be sticking to some homemade Taco Tuesday meals in the near future. 

Don’t Fall for Disney’s Cookie Trick

Out of all of the theme parks in the world, Disney’s parks definitely stand at the top of the list. It’s truly a magical place. So when we find out that Disney has tricked us, it’s beyond disappointing. Prepare yourself for the secret that one employee spilled: “The fresh chocolate chip cookie scent that can be smelled outside of the Magic Kingdom bakery is artificial. It’s piped out there to draw you into the bakery.”

Don't Fall for Disney's Cookie Trick

Instagram via somethingsweetdesigns

It seems to say something about human nature that we are so predictable when one puts the smell of cookies in the air.

Telemarketers Aren’t the Bad Guys

Not to be dramatic, but telemarketers are often seen as some of the lowliest and more despised human beings in our lives. We hate them, their calls, their questions, and even their voice. However, instead of just hanging up, follow this telemarketer’s advice and “just say the words ‘Do Not Call List.'” This telemarketer broke rank to tell us this secret, and they will forever be in our prayers from this day forward. 

Telemarketers Aren't the Bad Guys

Instagram via leanboggiatto

While this telemarketer showed their humanity in divulging this secret, we will still continue to dread their phone calls. At least we now know the magical words for escaping them. 

Since When Were Maxi Pads Made Part of Casinos’ Attire?

Casino employees have truly seen it all. One worker recalled a concerning conversation with an employee. She said, “I had an older woman… tell me how [her husband] has to wear maxi pads when they went to the casino because he plays so long that he ‘dribbles.'” It cannot be healthy to do this, but we really are in awe of this couple’s commitment to their craft and this woman’s pride in her husband. 

Since When Were Maxi Pads Made Part of Casinos' Attire?

Instagram via johnsbizarrefinds

If this elderly couple were to take this dedication into other areas of their life, then they really could become this country’s most powerful couple. Their grandchildren must be proud. 

Paying for an Unused Gym Membership Is Like Burning Money

Apparently, gym membership contracts “don’t mean sh*t.” According to ti a former gym employee, those things are meant to burn away our money and trick us into staying committed when we don’t actually need to. “Cancel your credit card or change it to a visa gift card with no balance,” recommended the former worker on what to do when you want to stop paying but the gym won’t let you get out of your contract.

Paying for an Unused Gym Membership Is Like Burning Money

Instagram via emily_fitjourney13

This employee, who was on the receiving end of customers doing this, said that once that’s done, there’s really nothing the gym can do about it.

Tell the Lawyer Everything, Yes We Mean Everything

This lawyer is specifically asking for us to be 100% honest with him and all lawyers we might hire. As they said, “surprise facts aren’t going to go well for either of us.” You are hiring this person to protect you and fight for you, and they simply cannot do that without knowing everything that might be brought up against you. In summary, tell the lawyers where you hid the body. 

Tell the Lawyer Everything, Yes We Mean Everything

Instagram via chahalgram

Let’s just be honest here, literally. Otherwise, you could possibly be hurting your lawyer’s feeling at the same time as you are being found guilty and being sentenced to jail. 

When Buying New Underwear Remember to Wash It Before Wearing

This retail employee’s warning speaks volumes: “For the love of everything good, wash it before you wear it.” This Victoria’s Secret employee is sharing some real truths here. If you still aren’t listening to this good advice, just think for a second about all of the people that tried on those undergarments before you decided to purchase them. Ya, gross, right? So next time you get some fun underwear, please wash it. 

When Buying New Underwear Remember to Wash It Before Wearing

Instagram via cherie_intimo

This lesson is not even a hard one to learn, and it slightly concerns us that this retail employee felt that this needed to even be said to their customers. 

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