12 Best Permanent Black Hair Dye For You

Best Permanent Black Hair Dye

Best permanent black hair Dye hair coloring may be a thrilling and peripheral nervous system at the same time. While some people think blondes, browns, reds, and other explosive colors like green, blue, and purple are cool, neither hair color is as strong and neutral as black. The nice thing about black hair colors is that they go with any skin tone and don’t harm your hair too much. All users need is an at-home hair dyeing kit to dye their tresses black.

Nowadays, a variety of black hair colors in various hues and tones are accessible. While selecting the appropriate shade is crucial, you should also select a kit that is rich in nutritious nutrients and devoid of any hazardous chemicals.

Black hair is a state of mind. It’s seductive, sensual, glossy, and stunning, and it goes with any style and season all year. The best part is that getting black hair at home is simple. We’ve got the greatest black hair dye you’ll ever need to achieve that raven-haired appearance!

We’ve got you covered if you’re searching for the best black hair dye that will add luster to your locks without blunting them or breaking the bank.

We’ve researched a few of the most current hair dye brands so you can make an informed judgment about which one is right for you.

The finest black hair colors will compliment your skin tone with dark, bright color while reducing any harm, whether you desire a delicate shade of black or a dramatic raven mane.

There are several factors to consider while selecting the ideal at-home hair color. To begin, a dye might often appear darker on your head than it does on the box, so start with a shade that’s nearer to your natural hair color and work your way darker until you achieve the appearance you desire. This will help you prevent any regrets about your makeover, especially because going lighter is more difficult than going dark.

Another approach to ensure you enjoy your new appearance is to choose a color that compliments your skin tone. True black and bluefish black look excellent on someone with warm or neutral complexion tones, though if you’re fair and cool-toned, a more chocolaty black could be a better choice. If you have a darker complexion, you’re in luck: almost any shade of black will look great on you.

Last but not least, you’ll need to balance fade resistance with the risk of harm. Ammonia, a chemical that may be harsh on your hair, is used in the most powerful and long-lasting colors Ammonia-free formulations, on the other hand, fade more quickly and may give less grey coverage.

The 12 finest black hair colors are listed in this post for your consideration. Check them out by scrolling down!

List of Best Permanent Black Hair Dye

12 Best Permanent Black Hair Dye

Revlon Color Silk Beautiful Colors Permanent Hair

Soft Black is a Revlon Color silk Beautiful Color hue with a specifically blended hair color process. Revlon 3D Color Gel Technology is used to create rich, natural-looking, and multi-dimensional colors. It contains keratin and silk amino acids, which help to maintain your hair. It features an ammonia-free solution that covers all grays completely. Its developer container includes an applicator nozzle, so you may mix the color without a bowl inside the bottle.

Hair color kit that may be used at home, for long-lasting grey covering, co-created with salon specialists

Keratin and Silk Amino Acid are incorporated in this nourishing, ammonia-free hair color solution to leave hair in better condition now than it was before you dyed it.

Revlon’s 3D Color Gel Technology creates a multifaceted color that is rich, natural-looking, and lasting.

Changing your appearance or concealing greys is straightforward with a simple at-home procedure that works from root to tip.

There are many other gorgeous hues to select from, including black, brown, blonde, red, & platinum hair coloring.


  • Color that appears to be natural
  • Ammonia-free
  • Grey covering of 100 percent
  • Simple to use
  • Long-lasting


  • PPD is present.

Garnier Hair Colors Nutrisse Nourishing Colors Crème- Blackest Black

The Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Crème in Blackest Black provides a rich, luscious, and lengthy black color with 100% grey cover. Color enhances technology and triple fruit oils are used in the recipe. These nutritious elements are combined in a thick, non-drip crème composition that provides dark hair color that lasts. Grapeseed oil, which nourishes the hair, is also included in this hair color. It moisturizes and strengthens your hair three times.

Garnier Nutrisse hair color crème with grape seed and avocado oil is available as a full hair dye kit and nourishes while coloring with a rich, non-drip crème consistency.

Go to Garnier hair color for healthy, easy-to-use permanent hair coloring, temporary hair color, root tactile, or to enhance your natural color.

Garnier has been blending naturally inspired & derived components with innovative products since 1904.


  • Covers grey hair completely.
  • There are no harsh chemicals in this recipe.
  • Simple to use
  • Long-lasting


  • Fades quickly
  • This product contains ammonia.
  •  Hair may get drier as a result of this.

Revlon Root Erase Permanent Hair Colors-Black

Try the Revlon Permanent Root Erase in the shade “black” if you just want to retouch your roots rather than perform a full-on dye job. Each bottle of this package is adequate for three applications. It comes with everything you’ll need to touch up and hide greys at home. Gloves as well as a root brush are included. All you have to do is a pump and combine the color and developer, which are provided in two distinct chambers in the bottle. It provides rapid results in as little as five min.

For stunning results, a permanent hair dye solution that flawlessly matches leading hair color hues with 100 percent grey covering is used.

Whether you’re using at-home or salon hair dye, our root touch-up solution changes the roots to match your hair color in as little as 5 minutes.

The 2019 recipient of Allure’s Perfection of Beauty Award for Roots Coverage/Hair Color is Root Erase.

Each color can be reused up to three times! The spout of the can be simply removed for washing, and three sets of mittens are supplied, so you’re ready for any job.


  • Provides immediate results
  • Grey covering of 100 percent
  • Application that is devoid of messes


  • It is not long-lasting.
  • Visit this product on Amazon

Garnier Olia Free Brilliant Colors – Soft Black

Garnier Olia in Soft Black is made up of 60% essential oils including avocado, olive, and Shea butter. It improves the health of your hair while also boosting its color. The thick, non-drip cream composition of this hair color may be used for root touchups. It provides complete grey hair covering. It also revitalizes and repairs hair, removing harshness and dullness.

Olia is an ammonia-free hair color kit that gives hair a vibrant color and a healthier appearance. Olia offers a unique no-drop cream recipe that uses a proprietary 60 percent oil combination with natural floral oils.

Coloring your hair with Olia is a unique sensory experience. There really is no unpleasant ammonia odor with Olia hair color because it is ammonia-free.

Go to Garnier hair color for healthy, easy-to-use permanent hair coloring, temporary hair color, root touch-up, or to enhance your natural hair color.

Olia has 34 color options to choose from. Olia offers the ideal hue for you, from our blonde hair colors to our yellow gold hair dyes.


  • Wrinkle
  • Ammonia-free
  • Scent of flowers


  • It’s possible that the hair will get dry.

Naturtint Permanent Hairs Colors Ebony Black (Best Permanent Black Hair Dye)

The Ebony Black Naturtint Permanent Hair Color contains healthy plant-based components like olives and meadowfoam seed oil in its composition. These substances nourish and hydrate the hair, resulting in strong, lustrous, and smooth hair. It covers all greys completely and gives hair a vivid, long-lasting, and rich color. This hair color has undergone dermatological testing and is safe for both the scalp and leave.

Ammonia, parabens, artificial fragrance, hydrochloride, toxic substances, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, and Sodium Laureth Sulfate are just a few of the additives in this product.

Enhanced Features Plant Products such as olive-derived Oleic Acid and Object known to harbor life Seed Oil, which nourishes and hydrate your hair for additional softness and shine

GRAY Protection UP TO 100% for lengthy, outward manifestations in 32 mixable hues that offer vivid color, deep moisture, and stunning hair.

You may feel good regarding making an ethical choice since it’s Vegetarian & Inhumane treatment.


  • 100 % natural
  • There is no artificial scent.
  • There will be no metallic element.
  • Sulfate-free
  • Dermatologist-approved


  • PPD is present.
  • Allergic responses are possible.

Clairol Natural Instincts Semi Permanent Hair Dye- Black Midnight

Clairol Natural Instincts in Black Midnight is made up of 80% organically derived moisturizing components like as aloe Vera and coconut oil. It’s a semi-permanent hair color that could be used on all types of hair and thicknesses and lasts for 28 washes. The blonde balayage gives the hair a rich, dark color with added gloss. It aims to improve the health and radiance of the hair. It’s mild and won’t harm your hair or scalp.

For bright, healthy-looking hair, get such a quick color and a shine boost.

With 80 percent organically derived chemicals, this is our gentlest hair color!

Suitable for all textured hair and kinds


  • Ingredients that are 80 percent natural
  • Every hair kinds and textures are welcome.
  • Paraben-free
  • Long-lasting
  • Formulation that is gentle


  • It’s possible that the hair will get dry.

L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying + Shine Permanent Hair Colors

The deepest black hue is L’Oreal Paris Superior Choice in Ultimate Black. It adds depth to the hair while coloring it to make it seem fuller. Gray hair covering is provided by the solution, which has a mucilaginous consistency. It gives hair a bright, glossy, and silky appearance while providing long-lasting, fade-resistant color. Golden camelina oil, antioxidant-rich vitamin E, and a UV filter are used to make the hair healthier and controllable.

Look no farther for beautiful, fade-defying hair color with depth. To assist preserve the color vibrancy and offer silk & shine, we combine our gel hair dye recipe with Care Supreme Conditioner with Shine Serum.

Since 1973, Superior Personal taste hair dye kits have become the standard method in hair colors. There are over 50 hues to select from, ranging from brilliant red to calm ash blond to darkest black, so you may discover the ideal match for you.

L’Oreal Paris Hair Color is available in a variety of formulas and styles, ranging from fade-resistant Superior Preference to bright, fashionable Feria and gray-coverage Superior Crème.


  • Long-lasting
  • Wrinkle


  • a strong odor
  • It’s possible that it’ll start to drip.

Schwarzkopf Simply Permanent Hair Colors – Jet Black

Schwarzkopf Simply Color is an everlasting hair color that covers up to 100 percent of grey hair and leaves your hair looking healthy and natural. This color also contains the benefits of botanical oat milk, soy protein, and argan oil. Your hair will look bright from the root to the tip as a consequence.

Simple Color’s skin-friendly solution has been dermatologically tested and shown to be non-irritating. It is free of PPD and PTD.

Experience stunning, vivid color that is consistent from root to the tip

Botanical oat milk, soy protein, and argan oil are used to create this mild hair color. It contains no ammonia, alcohol, or silicone.

Our color crème has a long-lasting color and can cover up to 100% of grey hair.

Whenever your hairstyle is longer over shoulder length, we suggest using 2 pieces of Simply Colors hair dye.


  • Gray coverage of up to 100 percent
  • Silicone-free
  • There are no PPD or PTD in this product.
  • Alcohol-free
  • A physician examined the skin.


  • It’s possible that it’s drying.

DpHue Gloss + Black (Best Permanent Black Hair Dye)

The dpHue Gloss+ in Black is a brown-based moderate black hue. The dark foundation keeps the hair from turning blue. This dye improves natural and additional hair color while preventing color scheme hair from becoming damaged. It’s a tractor-trailer hair dye that adds gloss and color to your hair. Color pigments cover the hair rather than enter the hair cuticles. The hair color nourishes the hair extensively, making it softer, shinier, and easier to handle.


  • Paraben-free
  • Thimerosal
  • Inhumane treatment
  • Vegan


  • There isn’t enough grey coverage.

Crème of Nature Liquid Hair Colors – Jet Black

This hair color by Crème of Nature provides deep hydration and brilliant shine to your hair, as the name indicates. It’s an ammonia-free liquid hair color that completely covers grey hair. A conditioner containing mango and cocoa butter is also included in this coloring package to moisturize, protect, and soften strands. Your hair will feel stronger and healthier as a consequence, as well as the color, will stay longer.


  • Free of ammonia
  • This item is simple to operate.
  • Hair feels stronger and healthier, with a unique sheen.
  • Color that is non – linear and none and has a dazzling sheen
  • Grey covering of 100 percent
  • It just takes 5 minutes to complete.
  • Simple to use


  • None

L’Oreal Paris Excellence Crème Permanent Hair Colors – Black

Our monthly conditioning therapy with collagen protects hair before your next hair coloring, resulting in rich, long-lasting color. Treat yourself to Excellence hair color for 100 percent grey covering and stunning root-to-tip color.

L’Oreal Paris Hair Color is available in a variety of formulas and styles, ranging from fade-resistant Superior Preference to bright, fashionable Feria and gray-coverage Perfection Crème.

Permanent, semi-permanent, temporary hair color, and root cover-up are all available from L’Oreal Paris. Cover grey hair, highlight it, go big with a light color, or even experiment with ombre hair color.

We are a full-service beauty care firm that blends cutting-edge technology with traditional methods.

The hair color from L’Oreal Paris Excellence Crème features a triple-care formula. From root to tip, this hue provides 100 percent grey coverage. It also helps strengthen your hair by up to 85%.

It’s thick, lustrous, and smooth to the touch. The product contains creamed, which preserves the hair, pro-keratin, which strengthens it, and collagen, which replenishes it. A preventive serum, coloring crème, developer, and conditioner are all included in the kit. It’s simple to mix and administer the non-drip crème formula.


  • Grey covering of 100 percent
  • Long-lasting
  • The crème recipe is non-drip.
  • Simple to use


  • Ammonia and peroxides are present.

Clairols Nice’n Easy Permanent Hairs Dye – Blue Black

With its color mix technology, the Clairol Nice’s Easy in Blue Black can produce three salon tones and highlights. It covers grey hair completely and lasts up to eight weeks. The color blend formula, a blend activator, a color seal enhancer, and gloves are all included.

The color seal moisturizing gloss locks in colorants and gives hair an incredible shine. It’s made with ME+ hair dye molecules, which give you rich, long-lasting color while lowering your allergy risk. It has a light floral scent that is both delicate and refreshing. Its color might persist for up to eight weeks.

Color Blend Technology creates three salon tones and enhancements in one simplified process, covering 100 percent of greys with matching blonde highlights for a realistic effect.

Get a long-lasting black hair color that lasts up to eight weeks.

Single application kit for hair color: Expert gloves, Color Blend Formula, Color Blend Activator, CC Plus Color Seal Conditioner

It can last up to 8 weeks.

Grey covering of 100 percent

Color Seal Conditioning Gloss is included to help tighten in stunning color and shine.


  • Simple to use
  • A floral scent
  • Cost-effective
  • Formula that doesn’t drip


  • It’s possible that grey hair won’t be completely covered.

How to Apply Hair Dye Perfectly

Before coloring the hair, rinse it with a gentle shampoo for 24 to 48 hours. This one will allow your scalp to produce natural oils, allowing the color to mix in with your hair organically.

Wrap a towel or a color cloak across your shoulders to prevent dye stains.

Make sure your hair is free of knots by brushing it thoroughly.

Before you begin, apply moisturizer to your forehead and ears to protect them.

Put the hat that is included with your dye kit on.

To mix the color, use a basin (ideally glass).

Combine the dye and the developer in a mixing bowl. Before you begin mixing, carefully read the instructions on the package.

Break each area into 14″ or 12″ subsections, then use a foundation brush the hair dye.

Set the timer for how much you now have to leave the liquid dye on your hair and follow the directions on the package.

Wipe away any extra color with a cloth if it’s on your forehead.

Pause for the timer to beep. Rinse the color away in the shower with warm water.

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