Awkward Moments of Iconic Hollywood Stars They Didn’t Want Anyone to See


Everything about our favorite A-listers’ looks is almost always planned to perfection; they have people designing their outfits for them, PR teams handling their public personas, and the list goes on. But sometimes, when the conditions are ripe, all that planning gets thrown out the window, and our favorite stars are seen in a less flattering light. Scroll through to witness the side of Hollywood’s elite that they never wanted anyone to see!

Katherine Heigl’s Very Public Costume Change

When Katherine Heigl starred in Doubt, we Doubt that she ever pictured herself caught in this kind of situation. Caught, as one could say, with her pants down. When a lousy film crew couldn’t manage to arrange a bit of privacy for Heigl in between the busy set schedule, the iconic actress quickly decided to undress and redress in front of the whole set in order to make the deadlines.

Katherine Heigl's Very Public Costume Change

Got Celeb

Now, we’re definitely not actors, and we don’t know much about what constitutes a professional attitude in acting, but if that’s not dedication to the craft, well, we don’t know what is!

Try Walking in Bella Hadid’s Shoes

There’s no supermodel quite as in-fashion as Bella Hadid. It seems as though she’s broken the glass ceiling as far as supermodel stardom goes: every major fashion event and show pretty much requires her attendance for it to even seem noteworthy. That being said, it’s sometimes too easy to forget that people of her stature are even human. That is, until they take a small tumble down the stairs.

Try Walking in Bella Hadid's Shoes


Yeah, nothing like a classic slapstick accident to remind us that we’re all pretty much made of the same stuff, no matter how rich and famous or how well-dressed we are.

Vince Vaughn Is the Gelato Gladiator

There is absolutely no doubt at all here. While Vince Vaughn has played a wide range of different characters and roles throughout his successful acting career, it seems as though his true calling in life was to play the most sought-after role of them all – the king of ice cream, the Gelato Guzzler, otherwise known as the Gelato Gladiator. Just look at him going to town on that delicious cone.

Vince Vaughn Is the Gelato Gladiator


We all know have the saying goes: I scream for ice cream, you scream for ice cream, we all scream for ice cream. Needless to say, this photo has us literally screaming. For ice cream, of course.

Either Jessica Alba Must Be a Huge Marilyn Monroe Fan

New York City is pretty much renowned for its haphazardly powerful air ducts, making any and all skirts a risque fashion choice doomed to backfire on their wearer. So either Jessica Alba decided to play the odds and wear that skirt despite knowing the potential outcomes of such a decision, or she just didn’t know what New York City is all about: violent gusts of wind spraying out and upwards from the pavement. 

Either Jessica Alba Must Be a Huge Marilyn Monroe Fan

Perez Hilton

This is just one of New Yorks’s many warm welcomes; lots of people talk about how the intensely urban environment gave them their first “welcome to New York” moment, and it’s nice to know a huge star like Alba isn’t immune to those, too.

Paris Hilton’s Late Night Antics Will Surely Go Down in the History Books

Imagine this: it’s the early 2000s, you just woke up; you go fetch yourself a cup of coffee and read the morning paper. Oh, what’s this? Who’s that headlining the news? It’s Paris Hilton. Yup, she’s managed to get herself in another controversial story. It seemed as though Hilton had a knack for that back in the day. This photograph of her having just a bit too much to drink is a prime example of that.

Paris Hilton's Late Night Antics Will Surely Go Down in the History Books /

She just knew how to party. She was so good at it that it pretty much became what she was known for, her signature trait if you will. Sounds fun!

Emma Watson’s Unfortunate Red Carpet Incident

British superstar Emma Watson will forever be remembered as the person who played the adorable and iconic Hermoine Granger from the Harry Potter movies. Her delivery was so iconic, and the franchise turned into such an unprecedented success that Watson’s face became pretty much synonymous with Hogwart’s number one valedictorian.Thankfully, not every single one of Watson’s public showings would become so iconic. We’re pretty sure she’s glad that people mostly forgot about this one.

Emma Watson's Unfortunate Red Carpet Incident

New York Daily News / New York Daily News

The London red carpet has had its fair share of wardrobe malfunctions, but none of them were quite as surprising and out-of-character as the all too graceful Emma Watson’s. This, in our minds, is a good thing.

Bailey Noble – Like Dust in the Wind

Bailey Noble’s garnered quite the following in recent years due to her portrayal of Adilyn Bellefleur, the fan-favorite half-fairy in True Blood. And while catching the public’s eye is usually a good thing, it does mean that you’re susceptible to much scrutiny in the event of a wardrobe malfunction. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to Noble in this photograph which depicts the top of her dress flailing in the wind, exposing her underclothing.

Bailey Noble - Like Dust in the Wind


Truth be told, we’ve seen much more embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. This one is pretty tame all things considered. Maybe Noble should be thanking her lucky stars that the wind wasn’t any stronger!

Britney Spears’ Bad Hair Day

When it comes to Britney Spears, one should always expect only the most bombastic and extravagant of circumstances. The lady is by now more than just world-famous: a teen idol turned into a troubled star knee-deep into controversy, legal and familial disputes, and much more, the iconic pop star has also been notorious for her dealings with mental health, artist independence, and the many things women in the music industry have to go through.

Britney Spears' Bad Hair Day

E! / E!

In this photograph, however, Britney’s just having one of those average bad hair days that pretty much everybody else in the world has from time to time. Guess that happens to everyone.

Salma Hayek Goes For a Ride Down the Stairs

Kids have a habit of falling down small flights of stairs. We’re not quite sure why. We’re not quite sure how. We just know that it tends to happen quite a lot. This is why this photo is so extraordinary – it isn’t Salma’s adorable child dragging her down the stairs, it’s the other way round! The Mexican actress stumbled down the stairs and took her daughter with her. Thankfully, nobody was hurt.

Salma Hayek Goes For a Ride Down the Stairs

The Sun

We can’t say that Salma didn’t try to find a solution to her less-than-average situation; just look at the way she’s grabbing the hinge of the door to keep her balance. Unfortunately, it didn’t help!

Khloe Kardashian Gets Caught in an Updraft

The life of a Kardashian is as fascinating as it is scrutinized. We can’t even imagine what it must be like to have your entire life be broadcasted to the entire world, pretty much every day. They never seem to catch a break – it’s hard enough dealing with the paparazzi as a regular celebrity, but to have absolutely no break from the public eye, too? That just sounds tough. Guess that’s just the Kardashian lifestyle.

Khloe Kardashian Gets Caught in an Updraft

Huffington Post

And the thing is about making your life an item of entertainment, is that people get to see you in your less flattering moments. This is best exhibited by this photograph.

Adam Sandler’s Wardrobe Malfunction Is Not Out of Character

Adam Sandler is pretty much renowned for his exceptional comedic talent. He’s also one for delivering stunning, emotional, and intense performances every once in a while, as he did in the recent Uncut Gems film. But it seems that comedy is truly his strong suit, given the way he gave a sarcastic laugh the second somebody pointed out the open zipper on his pants. Truly a legendary comedic moment from the master himself.

Adam Sandler's Wardrobe Malfunction Is Not Out of Character

Daily Mail / Daily Mail

It’s moments like these that make Adam Sandler such an iconic persona both on-screen and off. It’s safe to say that we all love him the way he is. Keep on being you, Adam!

Lady Gaga Gets Grounded

It’s so fitting that Lady Gaga made a hit song about paparazzi only to have the paparazzi mercilessly capture one of her less majestic and graceful moments. Even so, we cannot say that something like this has never happened to us; we’ve fallen and stumbled and tumbled more times than we could ever count. Seriously, we’re pretty much the undisputed champions of losing our balance and crashing hard at this point.

Lady Gaga Gets Grounded

Racked / Racked

And yet, when somebody like Lady Gaga takes an ugly fall like that, we’re stunned for some reason. As though something like that could never, ever happen to us. Weird.

Pamela Anderson Is Easy Breezy

Pamela Anderson tends to have a larger-than-life aura to her. She’s just one of those people that seemed to be everywhere, at least in the early 2000s. That’s why it’s reassuring to see that she truly is not a force of nature, but a human, as an actual force of nature – wind, to be specific – showed her who really calls the shots around here. Mother Nature strikes again!

Pamela Anderson Is Easy Breezy

CelebMafia / CelebMafia

What happened here is that Pamela stepped outside of her Dublin hotel and immediately got humbled by the harsh Irish weather. Now we know why the Irish are so tough!

Lindsay Lohan Going Just a Bit Too Hard in the Paint

If there is one thing just a tad bit more famous than Lindsay Lohan’s incredible and successful acting career, it’s her personal struggles, trials, and tribulations. Many view Lohan as a prime example of the problematic and twofold nature of childhood stardom, which culminated in a few trips to rehab. This photograph depicts Lohan in the middle of some hardcore partying, something she was extensively known for in her days.

Lindsay Lohan Going Just a Bit Too Hard in the Paint

The Sun

Pretty much everyone can relate to this picture, though. Who hasn’t been intoxicated out of their minds in some less-than-perfect situations? The only difference is that we weren’t under the scrutiny of the public eye.

Steven Tyler’s Love of Popcorn

Oh, man. You’ve got to love it. Look at this guy, Steve Tyler, rockstar, rock legend, rock god, just going to town on that unsuspecting bucket of cinema popcorn. What’s amazing about this photo isn’t just how hungry Steven Tyler is, no, it’s not that; it’s the way in which he’s devouring that bucket of salty goodness that really makes this picture. We’ve never seen someone eat popcorn like that.

Steven Tyler's Love of Popcorn

The Chive

We do, however, think that it’s genius. Why waste time using your hands as an intermediary between yourself and the bucket of popcorn? Just go in with your tongue. Great idea, Steven.

Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy? More Like, Fall Down Boy

This gives a whole new meaning to the band name. Pete Wentz truly is the “Fallout Boy”. This photograph features the bassist and lyricist in what could only be described as a less-than-ideal situation, with Wentz’s back flattened out on the pavement, and his clothes all disheveled. We wonder what actually caused the fall – was he just too preoccupied with his phone? Or was it the dark sunglasses?

Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy? More Like, Fall Down Boy

The Telegraph / The Telegraph

Perhaps it was the emo bangs he was sporting. Who knows. The only thing we can say for certain is that we’re glad he didn’t get hurt. We need him to write more emo hits, after all.

Paula Abdul Faces a Difficult Choice

Some dilemmas hit us hard. We’re all bound to face at least one sometime throughout our lives, so maybe we could use this Paula Abdul’s difficult situation could give us some insight as to how we should go about handling our own dilemmas. In this less-than-perfect situation, Abdul was faced with a choice: should she hold down her skirt, or hold her hair? In the celebrity world, where appearances count, the choice isn’t easy.

Paula Abdul Faces a Difficult Choice


In the end, Abdul chose to hold her skirt down. In our minds, she probably made the right choice. A messy hair really isn’t that much of a problem compared to a lifted skirt.

Patricia Arquette’s Pants Go Awry

Since Patricia Arquette’s breakout role in 1987’s Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, the actress has enjoyed a successful career in television and film. Basically, she had become a resident Hollywood star. Her career, it seems, is still yet to peak, as she’s busy as ever while being in her 50s. Given that she’s so busy, it should come as no surprise that she would blunder a few times.

Patricia Arquette's Pants Go Awry

Daily Mail / Daily Mail

So what happened was that Patricia was either way too busy or way too in her zone to button up on that day. Can’t blame her, with everything on her plate.

Peaches Geldof and Her Multitasking Malfunction

Peaches Geldof had one heck of a career: the daughter of singer-songwriter Bob Geldof has enjoyed success as both a model and a television presenter before she had even turned twenty-six. Oh, yeah, and did we forget to mention that she was a mother, too? In this photo, she seems to be struggling to multitask both what we can only imagine to be an urgent business call and holding her baby stroller.

Peaches Geldof and Her Multitasking Malfunction

Daily Mail / Daily Mail

It’s a bittersweet photograph, really, given her tragic and untimely passing at the age of twenty-five. We can take solace in the fact that she was adored by many, and that she shall be remembered. 

Someone Should’ve Put Up a Wet Floor Sign

Penelope Cruz is one of Hollywood’s most recognizable and beloved Spanish actresses. She’s been featured on pretty much every single feature film imaginable since her debut in the 90s. But it was on the set of the Counselor, her 2012 movie, when she gave the paparazzi a show they – and, to be honest, she – would never forget. Cruz took a bit of a tumble, and the world went wild.

Someone Should've Put Up a Wet Floor Sign

Bollywood Biography / Bollywood Biography

When she fell, the Spanish actress exposed herself in what could only be called an unflattering angle. Thankfully, she wasn’t gravely injured and went on to finish the movie in one piece.

Jessica Simpson’s Balance Blunder

Jessica Simpson has managed to amass quite the fanbase throughout her glamorous career in acting. One shouldn’t be surprised, really, After all, the woman can act, sing, and dance, too! Yeah, she’s that much of a natural talent. There does seem to be an end to her talents, though, and that might just be her sense of balance, going by the way she barely managed to keep herself up at her husband’s birthday party.

Jessica Simpson's Balance Blunder

Daily Mail

The photograph is from Eric Johnson’s (Jessica Simpson’s husband) 2017 birthday dinner at Craig’s Restaurant. Thankfully, Mr.Johnson was enough of a gentleman to help Jessica make her way to the car.

Leonardo DiCaprio Could Use a Volleyball Lesson or Two

So look, when it comes to acting, there really aren’t a lot of people who could stand toe to toe with Leonardo DiCaprio. We are pretty sure we don’t need to convince anyone that De Caprio is a first-rate actor; he truly is as good as it gets. When it comes to volleyball, however, well, that’s a totally different story, isn’t it? This photograph is proof of just that.

Leonardo DiCaprio Could Use a Volleyball Lesson or Two

The Sun / The Sun

Who could blame him, though? Volleyball is way harder than it seems. If somebody were to sneak a few pictures of us playing a game we’d probably look much, much worse.

Taylor Swift’s New Year’s Slip Up

We bet Taylor Swift didn’t have “don’t fall” as one of her New Year’s resolutions. Thankfully, things are going pretty well for the acclaimed singer-songwriter. She’s re-releasing many of her previous albums under her own name, she’s released a few very well-received albums, and she seems to be having a good time just living her life. Is there any more one could truly ask for? We’re not quite sure, really.

Taylor Swift's New Year's Slip Up

Just Jared

It seems that Taylor Swift’s minor accident happened right after finishing a performance at a New York City venue, as she was heading backstage. This should go as a warning to all aspiring performers!

Mariah Carey Taking the Faster Way Down the Stairs

Pop sensation Mariah Carey has garnered a bit of a reputation for wearing incredibly tall shoes and high heels. It should come as no surprise then to witness an accident such as this one take place. It’s just so fitting. You really can’t be surprised when you trip down a small flight of stairs if you go out wearing those super tall shoes. Guess that’s just the price of fashion.

Mariah Carey Taking the Faster Way Down the Stairs

Daily Mail / Daily Mail

And to make matters worse – just as she was stumbling, a gust of wind came around and spun her sarong dress. As if things weren’t embarrassing enough for her.

Ashley Benson Seems to Be Enjoying the Way Down

The celebrity lifestyle entails a few distinct commitments to a certain kind of style; high heels, unfortunately, are but one of those commitments. It seems as though you truly can’t be an A-lister if you don’t wear high heels to pretty much everything. Naturally, wearing high heels to everything increases the chance of you getting into a small mishap of sorts. That is exactly what happened to Ashley Benson, Except she wasn’t wearing high heels!

Ashley Benson Seems to Be Enjoying the Way Down

Daily Mail

The fact that she didn’t wear high heels makes this photograph that much more interesting. She just couldn’t blame it on her shoes. The only one to blame for this tumble was her. Or maybe the floor.

Britney Spears’ Unfortunate Accident

By now it’s old news that Britney Spears has had a challenging, fascinating, and incredibly difficult life. As a viral Youtube video once said, maybe people should “Leave Britney alone!” It seems as though she’s truly been through enough. This, however, probably didn’t get through to the paparazzi, who managed to catch Britney in a moment that could safely be described as troublesome.  We do hope she was enjoying her sports drink at least.

Britney Spears' Unfortunate Accident


Fame has its problems, even if they’re not that obvious at first sight. This photograph of Britney Spears’ unfortunate accident, which spread like wildfire through the press, is proof of just that.

Madonna Goes to Town

There’s alot we know and don’t know about Madonna, one of pop music’s most outspoken and controversial and yet also enigmatic figures. There is, however, one thing we do know about her: Madonna is capital P Pizza Crazy. That much is for certain. Just look at her absolutely demolishing that appetizing slice. There’s a lesson to be learned: no matter how famous you are, you’re never above a good slice of pizza.

Madonna Goes to Town

Daily Mail

We only have one small gripe with that slice over there: where’s all the cheese? Yeah, we get it, it was probably on the part that Madonna already ate, but still: we need more cheese than that!

Alicia Arden’s Zipper Troubles Are Way Too Relatable

Alicia Arden may be known for starring in Enemy Within and Trojan War, but she probably won’t be known for the smart and sensible zipper-related decisions. It seems as though Arden took a chance on an unreliable dress and unfortunately paid the price as she resorted to fixing her back zipper in broad daylight. We will, however, say that her majestic blue dress is beautiful. That much is for certain. 

Alicia Arden's Zipper Troubles Are Way Too Relatable


As far as her zipping skills go, Alicia seems to be pretty good. Zipping a back zipper without any help is no easy feat, which makes her attempt quite impressive.

Robin Thicke’s Frivolous Party Habits

So the thing about going to frivolous parties and flirting with a lot of different women is that it’s perfectly acceptable as long as you behave respectfully and you’re also not married to actress Paula Patton while you’re at it. We could only imagine the shock on her face as this 2013 picture depicting the musician posing with a young woman in a New York City nightclub came to her attention.

Robin Thicke's Frivolous Party Habits


One could say: what’s so wrong with posing with another woman? To that, we say – nothing. But, try taking a look at the mirror behind them Robin and his new lady friend. Yeah, that’s wrong.

Fergie’s ‘When You See It’ Moment on Stage

From her time in the Black Eyed Peas and up to her successful solo career, Fergie was known and loved for her energetic, lively, brash, and in-your-face persona. But it seems as though she got a little too excited for her own good, going by the suspicious grey patch that can be spotted in between her legs. In Fergie’s words: “We were late for stage, driving down the freeway, it’s Friday traffic…”

Fergie's 'When You See It' Moment on Stage


“We get to the stage, we have to start the show… I’m running on and we jump on and play ‘Let’s Get It Started’, and I get crazy and jump and run across the stage. My adrenaline was going and, gosh, I wish it didn’t happen. It was so embarrassing!”

Finally, Proof That Meghan Markle’s Actually Human

It really is difficult to find a picture of Meghan Markle looking a bit off, or behaving a tad bit odd, or generally just doing anything imperfect. She’s just one of those people that seems to have everything down in her life, which makes her look way better than us regular people. This ends today. We found this picture of Meghan Markle just feeling just a tad bit too hot, wherever she is.

Finally, Proof That Meghan Markle's Actually Human

Yahoo / Yahoo

Her adorable smile says it all, though. It doesn’t bother her too much. Maybe that’s why she looks so well put together – she’s just so comfortable in her own skin.

As Usual, Kanye West Is the Real Star of the Show

Kanye West is definitely known for quite a few things besides his undeniable musical talent: he definitely enjoys speaking his mind, and he tends to do it in some of the most controversial and eye-grabbing ways imaginable. And while Kanye definitely didn’t say anything bad here – he didn’t say anything at all, really – he totally stole the spotlight from Kim with his all-too-appropriate wardrobe malfunction. It doesn’t get more Kanye than this.

As Usual, Kanye West Is the Real Star of the Show

The JasmineBRAND / E!

The only thing bothering us about this photo is this: how on earth did Kanye not notice the cold wind brushing against his thigh? Is this person impervious to the cold?

Nicole Richie’s Superhero Pose

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Marvel’s new larger than life superhero blockbuster feature film? Nope, it’s none of them; it isn’t even an “it” – it’s a she. That she is Nicole Richie, television personality, fashion figurehead and designer, and daughter to the beloved Lionel Richie. You would not be blamed for mistaking her for some crime-fighting vigilante, the way she’s striking that incredible pose.

Nicole Richie's Superhero Pose


The only thing left to settle is her superhero name and origins story. That, however, is probably a task we should leave to Nicole herself; she’s in charge of her destiny, after all.

Ashley Graham’s Dress Miscalculation

Ashley Graham is pretty much renowned as the most famous plus-sized model around. And at the top of the fashion pyramid, people tend to not pay for their clothes. Sometimes, they barely even get to choose what they wear. This often leads to a wide variety of incidents. Just imagine wearing some high-end, experimental outfit you’ve barely managed to figure out to some of the world’s most documented and high-profile events

Ashley Graham's Dress Miscalculation

Daily Express

Yeah, that definitely sounds like a recipe for disaster to us. That’s exactly what happened to Graham as her dress seemed to malfunction in a non-flattering fashion. Oh well, it’s all in the past.

Blac Chyna’s Shorts Seem to Be a Bit Uncomfortable

Blac Chyna’s just one of those people that seem to have a sense of extravagance and flair. She totally becomes the star of whatever event she ends up going to. That’s why this picture is so offputting. Something was obviously afoot when the paparazzi caught her on the fateful day this picture was taken. She just wasn’t on her A-game, that’s for certain. But who could blame her? Looking glamorous is hard work.

Blac Chyna's Shorts Seem to Be a Bit Uncomfortable

In Touch Weekly

We’re sure this photo meant nothing to her, and that her next showing was just as bombastic and magnificent as all her others. That’s just the Blac Chyna we know and love.

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