50 Of The Ugliest – And Cringiest – Designs That Are Sure To Make You Laugh


We can admit it, there are plenty of things that look ugly but they work just fine, so we don’t really care. But there are also a lot of things that are just flat out terrible looking to the point where function no longer matters. Your eyes are so caught on how horribly designed the item is that you can’t even begin to ask yourself if it works or not. Out of all the terribly ugly items in the world, these are the top 50 worst ones. After seeing how many people have them in their houses, you’re going to feel like you have the asthetic eye of a fashion mogul.

1. Just A Centaur Having A Beer

Here’s a classic bar joke: a centaur walks into a bar, the bartender says, “Hey, how’s the throat?” The centaur replies, “My throat isn’t horse but my legs are.”

Just A Centaur Having A Beer


We can suppose that this design is supposed to be funny. Imagine you waiting to meet the girl of your dreams and she enters the bar and sees you sitting on it though.

2. Even He Knows The Design Looks Ugly

There are times when we try so hard to hide our emotions, but we fail to do it. This person is pretty aware of how ridiculous the entire design is and his face says it all.

Even He Knows The Design Looks Ugly


Some may say this is a cool theme for a restaurant, but most would probably disagree with that. By the way, the soup doesn’t look very appetizing, and we can’t control the urge not to say that this guy is the “Soup-ervisor.”

3. 10 Points For Slytherin!

Harry Potter fans will get our little nerdy title of 10 points for Slytherin. Some may say that it is scary, but we have a feeling that some people will think that it is cute.

10 Points For Slytherin!


We feel that it would be super cool for Halloween with the right costume. Would you go with this one?

4. Looks Comfortable

Just give a call to any person who you don’t generally like and invite them for dinner. When they come, make them sit on this comfy “thing.”

Looks Comfortable


We do feel that this is perfect for your upstairs neighbors who might try to drag their indoor furniture and make noises all the time.

5. Where’s The Giant Bird?

This is weird and somewhat cute. By the way, this is “le nid” (meaning “the bird’s nest”) in Nantes, France.

Where's The Giant Bird?


We do think that this is an “Eggcellent” idea that is quite unique. One wonders there is any point in this place if you can’t get an omelette there.

6. 50% Off Pants

Do you think you are confident enough to wear anything without worrying about what others would think? Well, imagine having this much confidence.

50% Off Pants


We are not here to judge anyone, but we do feel that this would be super uncomfortable.

7. Not The Most Appealing Egg Separator

This egg separator looks super disgusting. Moreover, it is a massive pain to clean it as well. You can imagine mold and/or yeast could easily start to grow in the nostrils.

Not The Most Appealing Egg Separator


You can send it as a Christmas gift to someone you hate who also gets flu easily. By the way, it is supposed to be funny.

8. “Mommy, There’s A Giant Under My Bed!”

Having this kind of bed in the room gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “foot of the bed,” right?

"Mommy, There's A Giant Under My Bed!"


We do feel that this is Quentin Tarantino’s bedroom because of his foot fetish (if you don’t agree with us then just watch his movies). We are 100% confident that some kid will eventually paint the toenails.

9. The Worst Online Shopping Fail

His face shows disappointment and we are left wondering here what didn’t meet his expectations. Maybe he knows that he is going to be popular.

The Worst Online Shopping Fail

So, should we address the elephant in the room or there is no need for it? Well, it seems like there is no need. We all got it.

10. Why? We Just Want To Know Whyyy???

How creative is this, right? We don’t know what made the designer think it was a good idea to have little lumps in the armpits in a color that looks like ancient sweat stains. What was the designer snorting when the idea came to them?

Why? We Just Want To Know Whyyy???


To be honest, it looks like the person is always sweating so much that insects have even laid eggs that are about to be hatched.

11. The Designer Is A Fan of SpongeBob SquarePants

Some people may think that this is obviously a church down in Bikini Bottom, an underwater city in the SpongeBob SquarePants series.

The Designer Is A Fan of SpongeBob SquarePants


We are certain that whoever came up with this design is going to “sHELL” (we know you’re impressed by what we did here). And hey, we have a question; can the priest hear themselves and others over the sounds of the beach?

12. That’s How You Blend Into Your Environment

We’re a bit confused now because it is hard to imagine how one goes about getting a shirt in the exact same print as the upholstery?

That's How You Blend Into Your Environment


This must be a custom order. Someone pointed out that a transport company sells them as a joke. Well, that’s one way to prank the passengers.

13. A Die-Hard Fan Of Tango

This lady made the mask during COVID-19 most probably because she’s not a fan of regular masks as they are quite boring looking.

A Die-Hard Fan Of Tango


Despite the fact that it doesn’t look effective at all, we have to give her an A for effort because we can bet a lot of time went into knitting it. If she wears a better mask underneath it, then it’s still functional and might just brighten someone’s day

14. Secret Agent Grandpa

This is what happens when your lovely and innocent-looking grandpa is a secret agent hiding highly valuable information.

Secret Agent Grandpa


Or it can be just some guy hiding some of his personal collection from his wife…who knows!

15. When The Beach Is To “Die” For

There are some beaches on earth that make people want to stay there forever. Some of these are the breathtakingly beautiful beaches like Whitehaven Beach (Australia), Bai Sao (Vietnam), and Pensacola Beach (Florida).

When The Beach Is To "Die" For


By the way, this has given a new meaning to RIP meaning Relax In Peace. And just so you may know, the sales of this new floaty skyrocketed because of vampires.

16. Who Thought Of This Design?

Hey look, don’t judge us for what we are going to tell you. Is it wrong that it reminds us of the rhino scene from Ace Ventura?

Who Thought Of This Design?

Although kids won’t notice this, we are sure that adults can easily find issues with it.

17. The Eye Of Sauron

There are casual fans of The Lord of the Rings series and Harry Potter series, but then comes the die-hard fans of these series. The person who designed this one is a big fan of the Great Eye.

The Eye Of Sauron

We find it scary because of Sauron’s quasi-omnipotence and also its terrible gaze. Would he be okay with us wearing it?


Seriously, anyone who buys these baby-faced candles cute needs to have themselves checked because we are sure that there can be no way any of us is going to have them in the house.



These are the candles that you find in horror movies like The Conjuring, If you still find them cute, imagine them in red color.

19. Absolutely Shocking

Got it, thanks! Well, we got to say that this is the sneakiest murder for hire ad we have ever seen.

Absolutely Shocking

They should come up with another ad like, “Get your household electric chair today. It comes with an adjustable voltage!”

20. Throw Away This Handbag

It seems like the designer of this handbag thought that a personal silica bag helps keep you fresh all day.

Throw Away This Handbag


And we have a plot twist for you: Inside this handbag, you will find tiny leather handbags. If you don’t get this it’s because you don’t understand the fancy world of fashion… but then again neither do we.

21. Yeah, It’s A Swimsuit

This is a swimsuit by Black Milk Clothing Company that enables you to take a look at the human body in a different way. You can see the heart, lungs, and intestines.

Yeah, It's A Swimsuit

We really can’t find the motive behind such a swimsuit and if we are honest here, we don’t want to know. This person, for some reason, bought this swimsuit online and we can only imagine what it was like when they wore it to the beach.

22. A Mouse And A Flying Carpet

We actually loved this one. Although that’s not the right place to use a carpet, we really like the idea behind it. We think it is could be a bigger movie than Aladdin.

A Mouse And A Flying Carpet


But how will the person use the mouse when the carpet starts flying around the house?

23. Guide 101: How To Make Ripped Jeans Look Cool

Why do we feel that these jeans belong to Lady Gaga? Imagine the headlines: Lady Gaga Meets The Gap. But let’s be honest here. This jeans design is horrible.

Guide 101: How To Make Ripped Jeans Look Cool


It looks like this woman had a severe accident where her skin was horribly burned off! You can only wear it on Halloween one time only if you burn these horrible jeans afterwards.

24. Definitely A Tech Person’s Home

Although we don’t consider ourselves tech nerds, we do feel that this is pretty cool.

Definitely A Tech Person's Home


Still, people who are into aesthetics and classy looks will find it really uncomfortable. Let us know if you want it in your home or not.

25. Ugly Breakfast

One wonders what the pitch of this concept was. Like, why eat with a fork and knife when you can…when you can put little forks and knives on your fingers?

Ugly Breakfast


We feel that they’d keep falling off, so if you’re eating hot food prepare to get burnt.

26. Is That A Fungus Infection?

Oh boy, are these supposed to be oyster fingernails? They don’t look good at all, but then again, some people may like it.

Is That A Fungus Infection?


We can only recommend it to you if you are getting married to an expert in oyster aquaculture.

27. The Scariest Light Switch In The Kids’ Room

Believe it or not, this is a light switch in the kids’ room, and boy it is scary. The poor kids are going to suffer from a lack of sleep for the rest of their lives.

The Scariest Light Switch In The Kids' Room

After seeing this every night just before they fall asleep these poor kids will need therapy for the rest of their lives… or maybe even an exorcism!

28. Must Be A Dentist’s Office

Well, we are certain that it is a dentist’s office. But the scariest part of this picture is all the clashing colors and misguided pattern combinations.

Must Be A Dentist's Office


On second thought, it seems like a bathroom of a serial killer. Going into such a creepy bathroom should always be avoided.

29. A Giant’s Shoe

We have an idea for this young man, as a hilarious prank you could lie face down and pretend a giant had mugged you.

A Giant's Shoe


We’re wondering if Nike thought this one up. We really wish that we could go to the designer of this bag and tell them “Just Don’t Do It.”

30. This Is Why You Gotta Know Your Audience

When someone was given the job to decorate the toilet for disabled people, all they said is “say no more, we got it.”

This Is Why You Gotta Know Your Audience

Incidentally, these are the sports likely to get you disabled. So whoever made this should really be a bit more considerate to the people who are going to be using this bathroom.

31. A Must Have Socks For Quarantine

Hey everyone. Here is our new collection. Check out the latest thing from the How To Embarrass Your Kids line! Although we found it funny and a bit lame, you’re welcome to love it as much as you can.

A Must Have Socks For Quarantine


However, we have a feeling that this might trigger those who never understood this whole “no socks in the sandals” thing.

32. A Die-Hard Fan Of Bernie Sanders

We can’t really figure out what’s the reason behind this insane outfit. Is he a big fan of Bernie Sanders? Or did he lose a bet and is forced to walk around in this?

A Die-Hard Fan Of Bernie Sanders


Who knows, maybe he’s a fan of Donald Trump and he lost a bet. Whatever the reason is, we know one thing for sure that Mr. Sanders looks happy.

33. So Much For A Nice Childhood Memory

Kids love to play with toys and teddy bears. So, one parent decided to buy one toy online for their kid as well. This is how the bear came to their house.

So Much For A Nice Childhood Memory

We’re pretty sure that it is enough to give nightmares to that unfortunate kid.

34. Are These Buildings Kissing Each Other?

In these COVID-19 times, one of the most important things to follow is social distancing. While everyone is trying their best to keep at least a six feet distance from others, it seems like these two buildings are madly in love with each other.

Are These Buildings Kissing Each Other?


By the way, these buildings get fined every day for not following social distancing rules.

35. And There Goes The Eyes

Do you hate someone so much that you don’t want them to interfere in your life? Here ya go, we are recommending that you serve them coffee or tea in this cup.

And There Goes The Eyes

We’re joking. We won’t recommend this cup to even someone who has been the absolute worst to you. Someone needs to buy all these mugs and then break them.

36. That’s One Way To Lose Weight

If you are finding it difficult to lose weight, consider this idea that will surely help you lose both weight and probably some blood as well.

That's One Way To Lose Weight


Or you can buy it and serve food to your mother-in-law the next time she comes to your home. You can thank us later

37. No More Back Pain

We can understand that COVID-19 has forced most people to work from home, but it doesn’t mean that they should use awkward chairs for sitting while working. It looks super uncomfortable.

No More Back Pain


It just feels weird looking at her sitting at the very edge instead of just pulling the chair forward and sitting comfortably.

38. When You Love Meat Too Much

We have something awesome to tell you, so be ready. This is a “MEATing” place and we love it. Please say that our pun is fun just so that we don’t make it more awkward.

When You Love Meat Too Much


By the way, this is natural quartz and it looks super cool. What do you think about it? Yay or Nay?

39. Why? Please Tell Us Why?

We all know what was going through the designer’s mind when they came up with this one. So, do we really need to say more about it?

Why? Please Tell Us Why?


We don’t know who will buy it but we have to admit that it can grab anyone’s attention that enters the store.

40. This Is A Toe-Tally Cool Design

We don’t know what will come next after this design. And please don’t be Toe Toothpaste in Fungus flavor. Eww.

This Is A Toe-Tally Cool Design


After seeing it, we highly doubt that you’ll want this in your home. It is a big nope from us.

41. This Woman Is “Smoking Hot”

Any smoker out there can tell you that it is super difficult to quit smoking. Although you can quit smoking, you need to have the self-control to be able to do it.

This Woman Is "Smoking Hot"


But that self-control remains no more when you haven’t smoked for a couple of days and you see a lady with some sort of a hat that has cigarettes on it. You can say goodbye to the idea of quitting after that.

42. Wow, That Serves The Purpose

A touch-less automatic faucet is an excellent addition to any bathroom, but only when it is working, right? Well, not in this case.

Wow, That Serves The Purpose

Here, the automatic faucet is working to some extent, but the problem is that it doesn’t work when someone places their hand under it.

43. Another Cigarette Lover?

We don’t think that the person who designed these curtains intended them to look like big cigarettes. We just feel that it’s an innocent color combo that causes our minds to make associations where there are none intended.

Another Cigarette Lover?


Even if the intention was to make us think of cigarettes, we feel that the curtains don’t really light up the place.

44. When You Miss Your Friends

One of the ways COVID-19 has affected us is that we can no longer hang out with our buddies. Although you can play online games with them, it is not as fun as going to a bar or restaurant and having a great time hanging out.

When You Miss Your Friends


This person seems to miss their friend and, for now at least, they have no other option than this one. No matter how much they try to make it look cute, deep down we know that it is creepy.

45. Thanos Is That You?

It seems like Thanos snapped so hard that three of his fingers broke and fell off.

Thanos Is That You?


We can’t say that we hate it because this is clearly a homemade project and honestly, they did a pretty good job. What do you think about it?

46. How To Get Killed By Police 101

No matter what you feel about police, there’s no doubt that cops are going to get nervous when they see someone walking around with what looks like a pistol in their pocket.

How To Get Killed By Police 101


We just hope that he used that awful phone case one time and then tossed it before something horrible happens.

47. The Collector

We don’t know what to say about this. At first, we thought she’s the wife of the Green Lantern (yeah that Ryan Reynolds’ film that failed miserably at the box office).

The Collector


One wonders how many times she has to open the box which is carrying her handbag. There’s no doubt that it’s frustrating for everyone when they’re waiting behind her in line and she opens the box to take money out of her bag.

48. That’s A Big Nope

How can someone come up with such a scary shoe design and then wear it for others to see? It seems like this person is a big fan of a domestic dog breed the Rottweiler.

That's A Big Nope


Moreover, the shoes look uncomfortable as well. We can only hope that this person’s decision to wear these shoes doesn’t come back to bite them in the….you know what we mean.

49. When You Can’t Go To A Barber

Due to COVID-19, most of us are stuck at home, and even going to a barber seems risky. So, people are having haircuts and beard trimmings at home.

When You Can't Go To A Barber


This person wanted to come up with a new style and we have to admit that he achieved it. We won’t say anything mean but you are more than welcome to say anything that comes to your mind.

50. A Little Too Red?

Would you want this in your home? We can only imagine that someone wanted it specifically for Halloween or something.

A Little Too Red?


Given that it reminds us of horror movies, we would never want it in our homes no matter what.

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