40+ Photos Proving Cats Are Insane And Want To Take Over The World


Any cat-lover out there can testify that felines are cute little fur babies that make the most adorable and loving pets. Since Ancient Egypt, people have been mesmerized by the mystique of cats, but after seeing all these photos of devious cats, we don’t know how innocent they really are. You might think your cat is spending their days sleeping, but they are really plotting against you when you are gone. From trying to summon demons to stealing the meat that was for dinner, you might want to rethink getting a cat after seeing these images. And don’t forget to check out the bonus photo at the end! 

1. My Purrrrrecious

Lord of the Rings fans will be laughing at the cat that looks a lot like Gollum (known originally as Sméagol). This greedy cat is like, “Mine all mine. My precious.”

My Purrrrrecious


We have a strong feeling that this cat auditioned for the part of Gollum in Lord of the Rings. Given how serious the cat looks, maybe it doesn’t want to give away its savings as it wants to buy a new coat.

2. Portal of Demon Cats

Where were you on the day when the portal opened, and demon cats entered our world? This image shows how the barrier between humans and cats was destroyed on that day.

Portal of Demon Cats


The tilt of the eyes makes it scarier! The cat hypnotizes the human with its eyes and says, “Come to me at your peril, slave!”

3. RIP To The Person Who Shot This Video

This cat looks like it caused quite the scare when the person tried to record it. Something came over him and caused him to act in such a bizarre way. 

RIP To The Person Who Shot This Video

After recording a video of the cat, the human have had to get a new pair of pants. 

4. Spider Cat, Spider Cat… Does Whatever A Spider Cat Does

When you see your cat behave strangely like this one, it is time to call the exorcist as soon as possible. You can try saying, “By the power of the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit, I command you to release this fluffy animal! Be gone, demon!”

Spider Cat, Spider Cat... Does Whatever A Spider Cat Does


This is quite a remarkable pose! Who knows, the cat might have seen some ninja videos or wants to scare its humans. 

5. Fully Charged Predators

The way these cats are looking at the human, they are clearly telling him that he came to the wrong neighborhood. Is it a rare coincidence that there are 13 cats in this photo?

Fully Charged Predators

This person disturbed their weekly meeting in which they discuss ways to make humans love and trust them more. It is all part of their bigger plan.

6. When Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You

Is this cat looking after the dark kingdom from above or planning on killing its owner? Given how much love humans give their cats, it won’t be a surprise if they have plans to wipe out the entire human race.

When Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You


Take this cat, for example. It clearly looks like this cat is telling the human, “Go to sleep, I dare you! If you sleep, you may never wake up.” Who knows, maybe the human brought a puppy home.

7. It Looks Like Someone Flour-Bombed The Cat

This cat went into the kitchen and got covered in flour. Now it looks like a demon. It seems pretty clear that the cat is plotting some diabolical plans. Maybe it belongs to Stephen King.

It Looks Like Someone Flour-Bombed The Cat


If your cat suddenly appeared in the room looking like this, you would probably run in the opposite direction. 

8. Covering The Portal To The Underworld

This cat enjoys the warmth of ground lighting, but it looks more like it is guarding the passage to hell. Maybe the kitty has a quest for us – we have a strong feeling about it.

Covering The Portal To The Underworld


It looks like some fiery hell kitty. It will keep the demons away if you keep on giving it cat treats. 

9. If The Devil Were A Cat

If the previous pictures didn’t induce nightmares, this one surely will. If Voldemort were a cat, this is definitely what he would look like. 

If The Devil Were A Cat


The cat is the reason why we think all cats are evil, especially the hairless ones. It just looks like it was sent from the underworld to destroy the world. 

10. Winter is Coming They Said

Here is a photo of a gangster cat walking away after causing havoc. It looks like a scene straight out of an action movie.

Winter is Coming They Said


Maybe the cat is an actor, and his name is Tom Cruise. We believe the cat is thinking, “Hasta La Vista Baby!”

11. When Your Cat Summons A Demon And It Works

Cats like to lay near warm places because it reminds them of where they come from… hell. 

When Your Cat Summons A Demon And It Works


When you stare into the darkness, the darkness stares back at you. Harry Potter fans will say that the cat is talking to Sirius Black. The cat must be saying, “Master, everything is going according to plan.”

12. His Reflection Shows Who He Really Is

We can see that the reflection revealed the true nature of this cat. There is hunger in its eyes. Hunger to take control over humans and become their masters… wait, they have already achieved that.

His Reflection Shows Who He Really Is


Maybe the cat is asking, “Whatcha got on the table there? McDonald’s, I see. Ohhh, me hungry. Feed me, slave.”

13. Too Bad For Schrödinger

This is so freaking hilarious. We laughed so hard at “Schrödinger’s head!” The cat doesn’t want anyone to come close to the box.

Too Bad For Schrödinger

We cannot imagine a world without cats. They can make anyone’s day better or make it their last day.

14. Warming Paws? Nah, It Is Summoning Satan

We know that cats feel cold and like to sit somewhere warm and cozy, but this one seems suspicious. It is like, “Rise Satan, rise and stand before me.”

Warming Paws? Nah, It Is Summoning Satan


There is a possibility that the cat is trying to calm the oven down. Or maybe he is just trying to summon the turkey. 

15. If Evil Had A Face

We seriously don’t want to know or have the guts to find out what is happening in this cat’s head. This sinister cat might be plotting to take the life of her human.

If Evil Had A Face


This cat is so smart that it even has a forehead maze. It’s Mr. Bigglesworth; of course, he’s plotting the end of the world.

16. “This Will Be Her Last Selfie”

This photo was taken moments before the woman disappeared. The police only found her cat, who had invited some other friends. They haven’t caught anyone, but we all know who is the real culprit in this case.

"This Will Be Her Last Selfie"


Maybe the cat was tired of the human taking so many selfies. The cat is like, “Dear God, forgive me for what I am about to do.”

17. “It Is My Hunt, BACK OFF!”

What a beast! This cat probably spent a couple of minutes stalking her prey before tearing it apart.

"It Is My Hunt, BACK OFF!"


That is one misbehaving cat. If it were a dog, this person would’ve probably taken it to training school.

18. Cats Have Evolved A Bit Too Much

What is this abomination? Cats without necks, seriously? Science has gone too far or maybe these smart fur babies have evolved too much.

Cats Have Evolved A Bit Too Much


The cat looks broken, or maybe it has seen something that startled it. We guess that the cat is constipated.

19. “Aha, Humans Your Days Are Over”

It seems like this cat just watched someone trip on one of the many objects it knocked on the floor.

"Aha, Humans Your Days Are Over"


That is exactly how sinister villains look when they plot their evil schemes. This is so hilarious. 

20. The Year 2020 In A Nutshell

This Japanese version of Grumpy Cat looks cute at first, but we have a feeling that it is planning to kill its humans.

The Year 2020 In A Nutshell


We wonder what made this cat so mad. What could its owners have done to make it scowl so often? He must be disappointed in their lifestyle choices. 

21. The Circle Is Just Missing A Pentagram

This cat has had enough of its human staying in the house due to the pandemic. So, it had no other option than to summon a demon for assistance.

The Circle Is Just Missing A Pentagram


It looks like the cat is being pulled into a portal. We don’t know what is going on in this kitty’s mind, but one thing is sure that something evil is cooking in there.

22. The Cat is Possessed, Help!

This green-eyed cat was once a sweetheart, and now it is possessed and can twist backward. But then again, all cats are possessed, and there is nothing new about this photo.

The Cat is Possessed, Help!


Imagine going to the kitchen at three AM and seeing your cat twist her neck like the one in this photo. We’d leave home only never to return.

23. Don’t You Dare Call 911

This frightened cat parent has nowhere to go. The cat held the human hostage while she was trying to sleep. This woman better sleep with one eye open once the cat spares her life. 

Don't You Dare Call 911

The cat is like, “This human is my hostage! Get me all the catnip in 5 minutes, or the unthinkable will happen to her!”

24. Practicing Fire Bending

Any cat parent out there knows exactly what is going on in this cat’s mind, “Should I knock it over? Maybe I should do it.”

Practicing Fire Bending


Either this feline is just curious, or maybe it is trying to practice fire bending. We’d go with fire bending.

25. Is It Cat-cifer?

Most of us will react with a simple “HELL NO!!!” after seeing a cat summoning a demon. But, why did this person stay there to take this photo? Maybe the cat is just waiting to see what happens to all the bats stuck in the chimney.

Is It Cat-cifer?


What would happen if all the cats we have shown so far get together somewhere? That would surely be the end of the world.

26. It’s A Werewolf

Is it just us, or does the shadow look like a werewolf? Maybe in the previous life, this cat was a werewolf and a leader of the pack.

It's A Werewolf

We are pretty sure the shadow is revealing the truth about this cat. Maybe the cat is just as terrified of its shadow as we are.

27. With Pink Collar Comes New Powers

It seems like this cat is super happy with its pink collar. It looks like the happiest cat in the entire world.

With Pink Collar Comes New Powers


The cat is so happy that he is saying, “Human, take this hideous collar off me. Get it off, or I will kill and rip your eyes off while you’re asleep. Mark my words.”

28. Alfred HitchCAT

Who needs to watch horror movies to feel scared when you can have a cat in the house that’ll haunt you at night.

Alfred HitchCAT


The cat kind of looks scared as well, just like you tell someone a scary story and get spooked yourself.

29. A Face Only A Mother Could Love

When kids wear lame clothes or have a bad haircut, the mother will always say, “you look so handsome right now.” Well, mothers love you no matter how you look. This is true in the case of having a cat as well. You have to love them no matter how scary or evil they are.

A Face Only A Mother Could Love


This is the cat’s real face that was hidden under a cute face mask. We believe it is a black panther and not a cat.

30. “You Will Start Obeying Me, Human”

It seems like this evil cat is trying to hypnotize her human, and we think it worked. It is even working on us.

"You Will Start Obeying Me, Human"


The red light is definitely not helping the case of the cat in any way. It just makes it look more evil than it already was. 

31. That Evil Smile

We know for sure that this cat is planning something very evil. Unfortunately, most of the time, they make evil plans in the darkness. Luckily, the human caught this proof that clearly shows the true evil nature of cats.

That Evil Smile


There is also a possibility that this cat just watched a bird smash into a clean window.

32. Caught Doing Some Kind Of Satan Ritual In The Middle Of The Night

This cat has a habit of summoning the devil every night, and you can clearly see that it knows very well how to perform a ritual of calling Satan.

Caught Doing Some Kind Of Satan Ritual In The Middle Of The Night

The look in the cat’s eyes shows how determined it is, and we’re really terrified. Did someone tell the cat that it needs five candles to summon Satan?

33. Staring Into Your Soul

This stare is so powerful that it can make you have a heart attack. The cat is clearly saying, “I will destroy you” with its eyes.

Staring Into Your Soul


Who knows, maybe he is confidently waiting for the human to discover that he peed in their bed. Honestly, we feel that the evil is oozing out of his face.

34. A CATastrophe Is About To Happen

Oh boy, you are not supposed to stumble onto this sort of thing. This person thought they would take a photo of their cute cat and instead summoned a demon.

A CATastrophe Is About To Happen


We have a strong feeling that this creature ate the human moments after they took this photo. This is evil in its truest form.

35. Tonight, We Take Over The World

This cute cat was caught plotting something very evil under the blanket. We all know it is thinking about taking over the world.

Tonight, We Take Over The World


Maybe the cat is thinking, “hmm, what to do? To scratch or to bite, or cuddle…or all, just in a short sequence.”

36. The Cat’s Got High Beams For Eyes

This photo was taken moments before the cat came running towards the human, screaming, “I’m here to collect your soul.”

The Cat's Got High Beams For Eyes

Before hunting down the human, this cat cut off the power lines as it can easily see in the dark with those high beams for eyes.

37. Looks Are Not Deceiving

It looks like a feline Jack Nicholson. Some cats look sweet and beautiful, but their cuteness is just a tool they use to lure humans and then attack them.

Looks Are Not Deceiving


This cat doesn’t want to use that tool anymore. It is all ready to kill the human, and there is no stopping him.

38. “Mom, I’m Just Practicing My Scary Look In The Mirror”

The human was going to the kitchen when she found her cat plotting to kill her in the middle of the night. She was so wrong about it. Do you know why? Cats are planning to kill humans 24/7, every day. They plan and execute it at night.

"Mom, I'm Just Practicing My Scary Look In The Mirror"


We don’t know why this lady left a note in which she wrote, “I am going to Africa to enjoy life. Please, no one comes looking for me. I don’t want to be found.”

39. When You Forget To Bring Tuna For Your Cat

This is how the cat reacted when mommy told her that she forgot her tuna. The cat is like, “You may wish to rephrase that…or run back to the store!”

When You Forget To Bring Tuna For Your Cat

By the way, the cat has some unique markings on it. You can say that they are killer markings.

40. When It’s Dinner Time…

This is how the queen of the house screams when the dinner is just ten seconds late. She cannot wait for the food to be served.

When It's Dinner Time...


Now the person who took the photo is convinced her fiancé’s cat is pure evil. By the looks of it, we have to agree. Maybe the cat is saying, “I am not getting my food, and I think your soul looks delicious.”

41. When You Accidentally Open The Portal To Cat World In Front Of Humans

The cat has opened a portal to a dark world, and now it is telling the human, “Oh boy, nothing can save you!”

When You Accidentally Open The Portal To Cat World In Front Of Humans

This cat just learned that the best way to get rid of humans is to invite otherworld entities. The anger in the cat’s eyes tells it has no regrets.

42. The Cat Is Mad That The Human Survived Its Attack

This cat’s name is Zazzou, and it sits on the human’s chest every morning. The human knows that the cat seems disappointed every morning, seeing that the slave is still alive.

The Cat Is Mad That The Human Survived Its Attack

Some people may say that “If I woke up to that face every day, I couldn’t possibly start my day off on the wrong foot.” To people who still think cats are not evil, we have to say only three words: you are delusional. 

43. Is It A Demon Or Terminator Cat?

Fans of The Terminator series can say that the eyes remind them of a cyborg assassin. It seems like the cat is scared.

Is It A Demon Or Terminator Cat?


Cats only behave like that when they’re extremely threatened, so maybe the human scared the cat.

44. It’s A Green Traffic Light, But You Cannot Pass

It seems like the cat has been fully charged now as both lights have turned green. Or maybe it is a traffic light. But if that is the case, don’t make the mistake of passing by it, or else you might get into an accident.

It's A Green Traffic Light, But You Cannot Pass

You can see that the cat is exposing its belly. Her eyes will turn red once you touch the belly.

45. An Unimpressed Cat

This cat seems like it is ready to sniff your soul or might even suck it if needed. God, that’s one scary-looking cat.

An Unimpressed Cat


Those who think this cat is creepy, we have to remind you that it might come in your dream tonight. It looks like Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon.

46. Prepare For Your Demise Human

Here you can see the typical cat summoning Satan. There is no reason to freak out. Just run out of the house as fast as you can.

Prepare For Your Demise Human


Maybe the cat is screaming, “All I am saying is that I have never ever seen my ex and Satan in the same room.”

47. Say Cheese!

Who knew evil could look so freaking cute. The kitten is clearly saying, “I will kill you human…with my cuteness.”

Say Cheese!

This may look too cute to be evil, but the cat is probably saying, “I am a demon you need to fear. Hear me roar…mew!”

48. Prepare for Doom

This cat is following a laser and thinking, “For once, I will catch this dot, and when I do it, I will murder it.”

Prepare for Doom


Some may say that the cat looks cute, but we are giving you a warning not to fall for this adorable side. They are as cunning as they can get.

49. A Stare From Hell

The cat gave this look before dragging the human into the underworld. Of course, the stare becomes extra spooky when a black cat gives it, right?

A Stare From Hell

This condescending evil took the soul of the human after this photo was taken. Legend has it another loving family adopted the cat after the last one suddenly disappeared.

50. The Most Evil Intervention Ever

These cats are giving us shivers. In this evil intervention, they talked about the human’s irritating habit of taking pictures and not going outside to work. They want the human to leave despite having to stay at home due to the pandemic.

The Most Evil Intervention Ever

By the way, the white cat is fat and looks cute. But you should know that it is the leader of the evil gang. And hey, we got a BONUS cat photo for you because we want to expose the clever side of cats as well.

51. Bonus Photo: And The Best Actor Award Goes To

This cat is a very smart criminal who knows how to hide its tracks. It knows that it would be difficult to get rid of the evidence, so she simply played dead.

Bonus Photo: And The Best Actor Award Goes To


Obviously, the cat parent fell for it and now believes there is a ghost in the house.

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