40 Hilarious Subway Fails That Are Impossible To Ignore


We bet that if there is one thing many of us don’t miss since being stuck at home, it’s having to ride the subway every day. While the subway may be a great way of transport, it’s undeniable that some of the most “peculiar” people out there are found in the world of public transport. So if you’re starting to feel down about not getting out as much as you used to, take a look at these hilarious photos and remind yourself that there are some upsides to staying at home.

1. Getting In A Little Self-Care

If you’re one of those people who go through a long commute on a regular basis, then you’ll know how important it is to keep yourself entertained.

Getting In A Little Self-Care

subwaycreatures via Instagram

So this guy decided to make things more bearable by putting some time aside for his self-care and by putting on a face mask for the remaining time of his commute. We bet his skin will say thank you for it!

2. ​The Perfect Support System

As we look at this picture we wonder if this is what people have in mind when they say that they use food as a crutch. Something about this guy carrying a bunch of bagels on a cane in the subway is almost impressive.

​The Perfect Support System

subwaycreatures via Instagram

But the question is, would you be willing to eat any of these bagels if he came up to you and offered you one?

3. ​Where Is He Going?

So, this is not the first or the last time we are going to see something inexplicable on this list. It has been made clear that the subway sees some strange people every day, and this guy is one of them.

​Where Is He Going?

Post Fun via Pinterest

The subway leprechaun looks serious and about to get down to business in this picture, and we wonder if he is heading down to Wall Street to invest in pots of gold.

4. Iron Man Riding The Train

It’s not every day that one gets to see Iron Man’s doubleganger riding the subway. The resemblance is simply uncanny, and clearly, the guy knows it because he is wearing the right shirt for the job.

Iron Man Riding The Train

subwaycreatures via Instagram

We do wonder if he is wearing it just for fun, for his job, or just because he randomly decided to dress up as the actor who plays his favorite superhero.

5. ​It Might Take You A Second

At first glance, you might not be able to notice right away what is happening in this picture. But then, just like that, you realize that this is probably one of the most brilliant ways for someone to refrain from touching the subway pole, which can be seriously germ-infested.

​It Might Take You A Second

thachankaa via Reddit

And while this is a believable theory, we might also just be looking at a plumber on her commute to work.

6. ​A Tourist Has Reached Town

It’s hilarious how this person is sitting there as if literally no one else in the subway could point out the fact that he looks really different from everyone else.

​A Tourist Has Reached Town

MyJelloJiggles via Reddit

The guy could be going to or coming from a costume party, but we’re going to go ahead and assume that this is just how he likes to dress up to have fun and, most importantly, stay anonymous.

7. A Protected Ride

There is no doubt that even when the train is not particularly overpacked, some people still take much more space than they should. This woman seems to be over having people in her personal space, she found a perfect solution to the situation.

A Protected Ride

subwaycreatures via Instagram

She simply boxed herself in and made sure that everyone in that train respected her bubble.

8. ​A Nap With Some Pizza

How many people out there get to say that they wake up every day next to their loved ones? Well, this guy sure does, as he seems to have fallen asleep right on top of a lovely pizza.

​A Nap With Some Pizza

subwaycreatures via Instagram

It is pretty hard to understand though, whether he intentionally wanted to keep his eyes on the prize, or genuinely gave in to his tired soul.

9. A Vicious Cat

There are so many weird things about this picture that we don’t even know where to start.

A Vicious Cat

MaximumCrab via Reddit

Although New York subways have put some restrictions on taking dogs to the subway unless they fit on a bag, they didn’t really say anything about cats. So this guy took advantage of it and seems to have taken the city’s feistiest cat. 

10. Is It Pikachu?

Now here’s something we don’t get to see every day. This is probably one of the best Pikachu costumes we’ve ever seen, and whoever is hiding under it is also totally rocking it. 

Is It Pikachu?

infantthrower via Reddit

It does look pretty creepy though that there is a hand sticking out from the costume, confusing us on whether this is a cute costume or a really scary one. 

11. A Matter Of Good Vs Evil

So, just by looking at this picture, who do you think you would put your money on? Between Batman and Darth Vader, it’s hard to say who would win, but we’re guessing that these two weren’t actually about to fight each other.

A Matter Of Good Vs Evil

For a morning commute though, this is probably one of the most hilarious things you could see.

12. He Makes His Own Seat

Now here’s a guy who wasn’t willing to stand throughout his commute, not that day at least! So instead, he decided to be proactive about the entire situation and simply found himself some space on the floor.

He Makes His Own Seat

nanj5ch via Reddit

Though it may not be the most hygienic place on Earth, at least he gets to rest on his way home without having to share his seat with anyone.

13. What A Fabulous Nintendo Bag!

Now, just by looking at this picture, we can’t really tell what this guy has in his backpack, but we can guess that he has a young soul in there and he won’t hide it from anyone!

What A Fabulous Nintendo Bag!

winkysocks21 via Reddit

The guy is just rocking his giant Nintendo bag while patiently waiting to get to his destination. Obviously, when someone noticed the unusual piece of attire they had to share it online.

14. Urine Samples On The Way

There are a couple of things we truly appreciate from the guy in this picture. First of all, he’s a true sport because it mustn’t be easy to deal with urine samples on a weekly basis.

Urine Samples On The Way

subwaycreatures via Instagram

It is interesting though that he is carrying such hazardous and important substances on the train, making us doubt what is actually inside those boxes – but we’ll choose to believe!

15. A Sasquatch Sitting On The Train

Ever seen Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, right in front of your eyes? Well, look no further. We are guessing that this guy probably had to take a job that he wasn’t very happy about, but he had to do it anyway.

A Sasquatch Sitting On The Train

Freavonwegen via Twitter

The result of it came with having to commute back and forth from work wearing a Sasquatch outfit while looking pretty sad.

16. Everyone Deserves A Ride

It doesn’t really get much more random than a guy riding the subway with his peacock on his shoulder… or does it? Perhaps the strangest thing about this picture is the fact that no one seems surprised by the guy and his bird.

Everyone Deserves A Ride

BookerDeWittsCarbine via Reddit

There is a chance that he simply takes the bird with him on his commute every day, hence the lack of interest in the strange occurrence.

17. A Viking Commuting On The Subway

As we can see from this picture, it seems like Vikings still ride the tube these days. We only wonder if the security guy spotted him walking around the subway with a spear and a crow on his shoulder.

A Viking Commuting On The Subway

LittleHaitian via Reddit

One thing is for sure though, we believe that his scowl and tough expression implies that the guy means business. We’re guessing that the best thing to do is leave him alone.

18. A Relaxed Train Ride

Listen, life is hard, and some people commute for hours and hours on a daily basis. Since this woman is done with being uncomfortable during the subway rides, she decided to make herself at home.

A Relaxed Train Ride

nanj5ch via Reddit

We can appreciate the fact that she took off her shoes instead of putting them on the seat, which at least shows some consideration for those around her.

19. The Inflated Man

Seriously, it has to take some courage to wear an outfit like this when it’s not Halloween.

The Inflated Man

ice_wzrd_clsh_royale via Reddit

Though the guy obviously has the benefit of hiding his true identity, we have to wonder why on Earth he would decide to wear an outfit like this one. In all honesty though, at least he is probably protected from all of the hazardous things on the subway, including viruses and bumps on the road.

20. Pretending To Be Normal

Sometimes, all you have to do is do your best, and then everything else will work out (or at least we’d hope so). This woman seems to be trying to be normal by pretending to do so, but things don’t seem to be going her way for some reason.

Pretending To Be Normal

subwaycreatures via Instagram

She is either really disappointed, or she picked out that shirt completely by mistake.

21. You Do What You Gotta Do

Sometimes you find yourself without many choices, and it seems like this guy was in one of those days. Since he couldn’t take his giant piece of wood anywhere else, he decided to take it on the train while making the best out of the situation.

You Do What You Gotta Do

subwaycreatures via Instagram

Props to him for not taking it during rush hours, which probably made a huge difference.

22. Tattooing Eyes On The Back Of His Head

It seems like this guy got fed up with people constantly sneaking around behind his back, so he decided to take action.

Tattooing Eyes On The Back Of His Head

subwaycreatures via Instagram

Though we’re not completely convinced that his solution will make a difference, we have to give him the benefit of the doubt. The guy simply drew some eyes on the back of his head and we’re all for it.  

23. Paying It Forward

There is something really reassuring about people who don’t know each other, who decide to take care of one another.

Paying It Forward

subwaycreatures via Instagram

For example, when this stranger realized that cops were hiding on the other side of the subway, they decided to leave a little note for whoever needed it. That way, they were able to prevent many people from getting a fine.

24. When Mario Was Arrested

We can only imagine the number of questions that the New York Police had for Mario here. We truly wonder what this guy wearing a Mario costume did to have an entire team of policemen placing him on the corner and interrogating him.

When Mario Was Arrested

subwaycreatures via Instagram

Even if he did something unlawful, it mustn’t have been easy for the police to keep a straight face.

25. Every Time Is Play Time

Quite honestly, from all the unusual things we got to see on this list already, playing with a remote control toy car is probably the most atypical behavior.

Every Time Is Play Time

nanj5ch via Reddit

In fact, the guy seems to be having a great time making the best out of his commute. Since he can’t drive a real car, he settled for controlling one with his remote, and he seems happy with his choice.

26. A Virtual Hug

At a time where so many of us have not been able to hug our loved ones, this picture sure brings up a lot of feelings.

A Virtual Hug

subwaycreatures via Instagram

The “virtual” hug this couple is giving each other is basically characterized by both of them being on their phone while they hug each other. It surely doesn’t get much weirder than that, but hey, each person with their own.

27. ​About To Create Some Supersuit Designs

There might be so many explanations for this photo, but we’re going to go with the idea that she is indeed an interesting version of Edna Mote – The Incredibles’ incomparable designer.

​About To Create Some Supersuit Designs

AidHall via Reddit

We’d like to imagine that her car broke down or something, and she has to get to work as soon as possible in order to get those super suits ready.

28. Getting Tattoed On The Train

There is no question that there are so many things to unpack about this picture. Getting a tattoo usually requires a sterile environment, a steady hand, and not many distractions, which is literally the opposite of what we see in this picture.

Getting Tattoed On The Train

subwaycreatures via Instagram

We don’t really understand the reason why this guy decided to get tattooed here, but he looks happy enough about it.

29. A Strange Tree On The Train

Well, if you ever wondered whether or not things could get weirder then we’ve got the answer for you – they can. Whatever is happening in this picture seems to be making the woman next to the “grass thing” (it’s actually a ghillie suit) hold her laugh and we can’t blame her.

A Strange Tree On The Train

LesAnonyMousses via Twitter

Whether it’s a costume or some sort of joke, we have to give props to this person’s creativity.

30. An Unusual Head Pillow

If there is one thing that is extremely annoying and uncomfortable about the train it’s having nowhere to put our heads when we need to take a nap. Sure, you could take a neck pillow, but this guy wanted to take things a little bit further.

An Unusual Head Pillow

subwaycreatures via Instagram

Instead, he created this interesting invention and seems to be sleeping his life away.

31. The Funniest Subway Flyer

In addition to the weirdest people being found on the subway, you also get to find some pretty strange signs spread around the train.

The Funniest Subway Flyer

subwaycreatures via Instagram

This unusual one, for example, says: “I’ll wash your pet. Not your cat or your dog tho. I’m talking about parrots, lizards, rodents, one by one, or as a group. I clean insect cages. I can explain the death of a pet to your child.”

32. A Cabbage Patch Person

There are no words to possibly describe why a person would dress up as a cabbage patch doll.

A Cabbage Patch Person

And although the explanation is not there, this person made that choice, and obviously, someone had to snap a photo of the moment. It could be a cap, or even a light snack for the long ride – who knows?

33. Riding With A Friend

This picture is the perfect example that if you are planning to take a nap on the train, then you might as well do it either with a friend or, even better, your significant other.

Riding With A Friend

Why is that, you’d ask? Because the entire situation just looks a little bit less awkward as the upcoming guy is about to show us. 

34. Having A Spare Tire Is Important

There is no way to really predict when your car will break down, so carrying around spare tires is one of the most important things when it comes to being prepared for the event.

Having A Spare Tire Is Important

This man is proving to us how important it is to keep that tire safe no matter what situation one finds themselves in. Also, he was caught sleeping at the worst possible angle.

35. Committed To That Morning Workout

How cool is it that this woman did not let anything come in between her morning workout and her schedule? She simply decided to make use of that time she spends commuting to work in the morning, by taking her yoga mat and doing some yoga on the train.

Committed To That Morning Workout

No one seems to be too bothered by it, so good for her!

36. A Very Interesting Sleeping Position

Some people have ridden the subway so much that they no longer care about what people think. Take this guy for example. He simply had to get that nap in, so he decided to lie down and literally fell asleep in the most unusual position.

A Very Interesting Sleeping Position

By the looks of it, all he needs is a pillow and there is almost no difference between the subway and his couch.

37. When You Decide To Show Off Your Skills

Sometimes you just have skills that you want to show the world, and this guy thought the subway would be the perfect place to do so.

When You Decide To Show Off Your Skills

In other words, he decided to clearly show off how he could choose to either sit, stand, or hang on the subway while using his phone. As unusual as it is, it sure makes for some great morning entertainment.

38. It Could Be Doomsday

Now, this is an interesting choice of a pet to bring to the train. And of course, the whole combination of her makeup, outfit, and everything about her seems to be incredibly serious.

It Could Be Doomsday

If we were on the same train as her it’s safe to say that we would a tiny bit frightened by the entire situation going on there. Hopefully, no other passengers were scared.

39. Don’t Stare At Him

Okay, if you thought that anything we saw until now was frightening, that’s because you hadn’t seen this picture yet, so get ready for it!

Don't Stare At Him

Seriously, if we found ourselves in a dark train with this guy staring at us, rest assured that we would probably refrain from staring directly into his eyes, or we would just get out of there for good. 

40. Reading Between The Guidelines

When new guidelines were shared by the New York Subway management team, dog owners were disappointed to know that they could only take their furry friends on the train if they fit in a bag.

Reading Between The Guidelines

So this guy decided to read between the lines and made sure that his cute husky did fit in this bag, and was therefore allowed to commute with him.

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