40+ Hilarious Photos Of Bizarre Things People Saw While Driving


Have you ever been stuck in traffic and let your eyes wander to the strange-looking truck driver next to you or saw a funny billboard on a deserted highway? You can find some pretty interesting things on the road, and some people managed to capture them. From a giant minion blocking the road to ironic license plates, we found the most hilarious pictures taken while driving to fuel you up with laughter for your next drive. 

1. “They See Me Roman…They Hatin!”

Have we suddenly been transported back to the times of the Roman empire? These people thought of a way to make their vehicle much more exciting. 

"They See Me Roman...They Hatin!"


Also, it is a chance for a carousel horse to be freed from the confines of the merry-go-round. It now has a purpose in life. 

2. Chomp Chomp Chomp

Watch out everyone, there is a shark on the road and it looks like it is about to eat the Filet O’fish truck, and it could be coming for your car next. 

Chomp Chomp Chomp


This shark bus must not have learned that fish are friends, not food, and that includes Filet O’fish sandwiches. 

3. On His Way To Save The World

There must be danger in the area because Captain America was ready for action. All he is missing is the rest of the Avengers. 

On His Way To Save The World


This is the most detailed cosplay outfit we have seen. He even has the motorcycle that Captain America rode in the movies. 

4. Futuristic Bat Mobile

We have so many questions about this car. Where are the doors located, and how does one see out of the windows? 

Futuristic Bat Mobile


Also, how much does a futuristic car like this cost? It must have set this person back a few thousand dollars. 

5. Follow The Yellow Road

The person driving the paint truck must be having a bad day. They forgot to close the paint pipe and left a yellow mess behind them. 

Follow The Yellow Road


Now the road looks like the one Dorothy follows in The Wizard of Oz, but we aren’t mad about it. 

6. “Wide Load”

It must be “Bring your child to work day” for the trucks because this little toy truck is getting a ride on the large version.

"Wide Load"


This person must have had a good laugh when they drove past this. It definitely helps to see comical things during a long car ride. 

7. Putting His Cigarettes In The Mirror Instead Of Littering

Instead of littering as most people do, this smoker put their cigarette butts around the mirror so they wouldn’t throw them on the open road. 

Putting His Cigarettes In The Mirror Instead Of Littering

We respect someone who tried to help the planet in any way they can. It just takes everyone making small daily efforts for there to be a more significant impact. 

8. Babushka On Board

Imagine looking out the bus window only to find an old woman hanging off the back like something out of a horror movie. 

Babushka On Board


We aren’t sure if this is a real person or a decoration, so if you know, please tell us. We need answers. 

9. New Kind Of Car Security

We do not encourage people to leave their pets in the car because they can suffocate, but we don’t know if that applies to snakes. 

New Kind Of Car Security


People must have been very confused when they walked past this car to see a snake freely slithering around the car. 

10. Giant Rick Stopped On The Roadside

In this dimension of earth, Rick from Rick and Morty has turned himself into a cargo, but it might have been unintentional. He is in a questionable pose, and Morty is nowhere to be found. 

Giant Rick Stopped On The Roadside


Maybe he suddenly transported himself onto that truck, and the driver was in shock, so they had to pull over. 

11. “We Will, We Will Rock You”

This is great advertising for this rock transport company. Why not take a classic Queen song to make rocks sound more fun.

"We Will, We Will Rock You"


This is a song that almost everyone knows, and once people see this truck driving by, they will probably have this song stuck in their head for the rest of the day. 

12. That’s One Way To Fix A Car Dent

This person wins when it comes to saying they fixed the dent in their car. Why pay for expensive car detailing when you could throw Thor’s hammer on it and make it look like you did it on purpose. 

That's One Way To Fix A Car Dent


We bet Thor is looking for his hammer right about now, so we can’t count on it staying there forever. 

13. That’s Not Supposed To Happen

The people in this car must be terrified since the hood of their car is now blocking their view of the road entirely. 

That's Not Supposed To Happen


They must have opened it and forgot to shut it completely. We hope no one was hurt in this situation, and they safely pulled over to fix it. 

14. The Devil Is Upon Us

This person must really enjoy scaring people, or they love the devil because that is serious dedication to make your car this devil themed. 

The Devil Is Upon Us


They must get a lot of questions about their car and why they chose to pay for this custom license plate. 

15. Face Plant

We have all seen people do a facepalm, but we have never seen a truck do that. How does this even happen? 

Face Plant

How is this guy going to explain this to the rental company or his employer? Go home truck, you’re drunk. 

16. When Your License Plate For Your Bentley Says “Humble”

“Sit down, be humble.” When you have a custom chrome Bentley which can cost upwards of $160,000, but your license plate says “humble.”  

When Your License Plate For Your Bentley Says "Humble"


With a flashy car like this, the last word we would use to describe this person is “humble.” Maybe they were going for a sarcastic stance when they chose their license plate. 

17. Cats Taking Over The World

Your first thought might be why this person has a giant cat tree on top of their car and wonder how many cats they have at home. You might not have noticed the cat who is in the driver’s seat. 

Cats Taking Over The World

Everyone knows how smart cats are, but we didn’t realize that they could drive cars now!

18. “I Am Batman”

We don’t know if this cop is aware, but she is stopping Batman from fighting crime. He doesn’t deserve a ticket because he is the one fighting criminals. 

"I Am Batman"


That person has the dedication to their costume and even got a replica of the Bat-mobile. 

19. Furry Friends

We have seen people driving with their dogs or cats in the car, but we have never seen anyone driving with a raccoon on their lap. Does this person know that it is not a dog? 

Furry Friends


The raccoon looks pretty content with the truck driver, and it seems like they have a special bond together. 

20. Road Puns

Puns can make pretty much everyone laugh even if they are bad because it is so silly. A person saw this one while driving through Utah, and they couldn’t help but take a photo. 

Road Puns


It is not only funny, but it is also educational and reminds everyone that they shouldn’t be texting and driving. Luckily, it looks like the passenger took this photo so the driver could pay attention to the road. 

21. Woody And Buzz Hitching A Ride

Remember the scene in Toy Story when Buzz and Woody hitch a ride on the truck to get to Pizza Planet? Well, that has not come to life thanks to this car ornament. 

Woody And Buzz Hitching A Ride


It’s like seeing all your childhood memories come to life in front of you. There are probably many pictures of this truck because of these iconic characters. 

22. Tiny Truck, Many Chairs

This truck was transporting chairs in Thailand, and it seems like they need a bigger truck for all those chairs because the cars are not designed to carry this much cargo. 

Tiny Truck, Many Chairs


We wonder if they were able to deliver the chairs without any accidents along the way; it would be a miracle. 

23. Pikachu Transformed Into A Car

Pokemon is one of the most recognizable and successful franchises around the world, and Pikachu is one of the most iconic and original characters. It is no wonder that someone would want to make their yellow car emulate this beloved character. 

Pikachu Transformed Into A Car


We don’t know how effective the tail windshield wiper would be, but if this person likes it, then more power to them. 

24. He Doesn’t Know The Rules Of The Road

They must give out licenses to anyone these days because this dog is a horrible driver. It is blocking the crosswalk, which is illegal. 

He Doesn't Know The Rules Of The Road


Since he is always being told he is a good boy, he must have thought that he could be a good boy who drives. 

25. “Tickle, Tickle”

This person was minding her own business with her feet hanging out of the car window when she suddenly saw someone tickling her feet as they passed. 

"Tickle, Tickle"


We would be in absolute shock, but it is a pretty hilarious thing to happen to someone. We love to see when people have a good sense of humor. 

26. Not Convertible Weather

In the summer, driving with the top down is freeing because the warm wind flows through your hair, and it feels like you are flying. We don’t think you would get that same feeling in the winter. 

Not Convertible Weather


This person must be freezing with the cold winter air blowing and the snow falling on them. Why would they do that to themselves?

27. No Delivery Fee

Sometimes getting furniture delivered can cost more than the item itself, and when you don’t have your own car, it is hard to move the furniture yourself. 

No Delivery Fee

Blog do Helio Gordo

This person must have wanted to avoid delivery fees badly enough to carry the chair on his bike. This is like a circus level stunt and pretty dangerous. We hope they’re wearing a helmet. 

28. Carol Baskin?!

This jaguar must be on it’s way to Carol Baskin’s (from Tiger King) big cat sanctuary. We all know how much that woman loves exotic cats. 

Carol Baskin?!


The person must have been terrified to see this wild animal pull up next to them at a stoplight. Who knows if it was going to jump out of the window and attack. 

29. Alien Invasion

The time has come every one; Aliens have officially started living among us. This unidentified vehicle was spotted on the road, and we have never seen anything like it. 

Alien Invasion


The aliens tried to blend in by adding a license plate, but they didn’t realize that no one on earth drives circular vehicles. 

30. Not For Driving

This person mistook the footbridge for an off-ramp, and now they are in a sticky situation. We aren’t sure why this person thought it was an off-ramp when all signs said do not enter. 

Not For Driving


Also, the road doesn’t connect to the footbridge, so why did they think it was normal to drive over grass. It doesn’t even resemble an overpass. 

31. DUI Taxi

The sheriff seems to be going partially undercover in this town by having half of the car painted like a taxi. Although this is not a taxi ride, you would want to take because the only destination is jail. 

DUI Taxi


Anyone driving behind this car would have no idea this is a sheriff’s car until they pulled up beside it. This is a unique way to trick people. 

32. Social Distancing To The Max

Usually, people would attach a ladder to the roof of the car, but this person thought it would be wise to put it in the back seat of their car with the doors open on both sides.  

Social Distancing To The Max


We wonder if they got pulled over for this because it is not only dangerous for them, but it is risky for everyone else on the road. 

33. Clearly Not A Bus

If you are stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, it would be nice to see something that makes you laugh like the message from this bus. 

Clearly Not A Bus


The driver must have realized that everyone needs a little humor in their lives to get through the horrible traffic in the city. 

34. “Excuse Me, Do You Know Why I Pulled You Over?”

If you are driving on the road, you are not above the law no matter what age or car you have. This adorable drive was pulled over by the police outside his house. 

"Excuse Me, Do You Know Why I Pulled You Over?"


We don’t know what the toy car speed limit is on this street, but they clearly exceeded it and could not get out of the ticket. 

35. Vampire Slayer For Hire

This looks like a scene out of Final Destination, and we wouldn’t want to be driving behind a truck with sharpened wooden stakes hanging out of the back. 

Vampire Slayer For Hire


Also, this person thinks they are a vampire hunter according to their truck. We would avoid this truck at all costs. 

36. Best Road Trip Companion

Roadtrips can get boring when you are driving on long country roads with nothing to see for miles. There are only a few things that could spice up the situation like this dog in a sidecar wearing goggles. 

Best Road Trip Companion


What makes this even better is that the dog’s helmet has a sticker that says, “Bad to the bone.” We can’t think of anything cuter. 

37. Confusion!

What are you supposed to do when you are given conflicting information like this? Do you keep left or not follow the truck in front of you? 



It might be better just to give up and pull over till those trucks have disappeared from sight. 

38. Road Block Ahead

The minions have come to life, and now they are really trying to take over the world with Gru. This minion decided to block traffic probably as a distraction for an evil plan in the works. 

Road Block Ahead


Look at that giant devious smile on his face. He is definitely up to no good, and people need to be on the lookout. 

39. When Nature Calls

Sometimes your nursing fawns get hungry and need to be fed when you are in the middle of the road. 

When Nature Calls


It’s not the best place to stop for a meal, but the babies don’t know any better. That is one dedicated mom. 

40. “No, It’s Me Patrick.”

Some people love decorating their cars with funny bumper stickers or stick figure families, but we have never seen anything like this. 

"No, It's Me Patrick."


This car owner must be a huge fan of Spongebob Squarepants to want this on their car. We give them props for creativity, though! 

41. “Please Fur-Give Me”

Everybody makes mistakes, and sometimes accidents happen. Sometimes the driver is at fault for the accident, but in this case, it’s hard to believe that the doggo could be guilty. 

"Please Fur-Give Me"


Whoever let the dog get behind the wheel should be responsible for the damage caused by the truck. 

42. They Know The Drill

This person must get pulled over often enough for them to have a sticker that says the routine, “license and registration, please.” 

They Know The Drill


Even the cop who pulled him over thought the sticker was funny enough to take a picture. Do you think it helped him get out of a ticket? 

43. On Their Way To Steal Christmas

The Grinch and Max have upgraded from their homemade sleigh to a turbo-powered motorcycle. Now they can cover more ground and ruin even more Christmas’. 

On Their Way To Steal Christmas


This would definitely be a funny thing to see while driving, but it gets you in the holiday spirit. 

44. 2-In-1

We have seen some interesting designs on cars and trucks, but this is a new one and a bit of a trick on the eye. 



The person must have really wanted the black sports car but had to settle for the big van so they could fit all their kids inside. 

45. Caution: Adults

You have probably seen those car signs or number stickers that say “Caution: baby on board,” but there are never ones that talk about the adults. 

Caution: Adults


These stickers get people to drive more carefully, and that should not only be when babies are around, but it should also be for every aged passenger. 

46. Twinning

We didn’t know that the cones could grow legs and walk off the road. Oh, wait, that’s just a person dressed as a traffic cone. 



Do you think he dressed like a cone on purpose, or he walked out of the house and then realized that he blends in with the road work? Who wore it better? 

47. Too Many Sofas

The biggest question we have is, where did they get all these couches from? Who needs that many sofas? 

Too Many Sofas


Also, why would they try to haul these with a truck that is smaller than the cargo it is carrying? 

48. Dinner On-The-Go

Someone captured this hilarious scene as they were driving behind a group of men who were dining on the back of a moving truck. 

Dinner On-The-Go


The men all seem calm about the situation like it is a regular occurrence. Is that some sort of unique restaurant we haven’t heard of? 

49. A Message For Possible Theives

What is one sure way to avoid being robbed? Make sure you do not seem like you have anything worth taking. 

A Message For Possible Theives


This company wants to protect their drivers while making people laugh as they drive behind the truck. 

50. In Case Anyone Forgot

Have you ever been so fed up with people not knowing how to drive on a highway properly? Don’t people learn what each lane is for when they go to driver’s school? 

In Case Anyone Forgot


This person was so annoyed with other drivers that they decided to write instructions on how to drive for everyone to see. In case people forgot where the blinkers were and which lane is used for passing and slow drivers. 

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